Do I need a power conditioner?

I’m in the process of dropping a dedicated 20 amp circuit or 2 into the music room.
So if I have a dedicated circuit for the amp, and a dedicated circuit for everything else,
is a conditioner useful?
I have several fairly decent systems going that I tweek and retweek.
Just got around to upgrading cables. Avoided conditioners because, in general, they dampen the presentation.
Was using a PS Audio PPP for low power components. But fell for the Shunyata spiel.
Plugged in a Hydra 4 with a Python Helix and was very happy with how it cleaned up the Zu Druids.
Seems high sensitivity speakers maybe reveal the grunge also.
Moved it to my system with the Martin Logans and the presentation seemed a bit lean and just a bit lifeless, using just copperhead cable to Hydra. (using all Pangea to get from the Hydra to other components.)
Then I put a Black Mamba from Classe amp straight to the wall and Wow! Single most significant tweek ever for me.
So I’m thinking, maybe I don’t need the Denali I ordered if I just use a couple dedicated circuits and some Shunyata power cords everywhere.
Thanks. :)
PS Audio PPP usually says between 2% and 4.5% harmonic distortion on the line. With either the PPP or the Hydra in line it drops to 0.3-0.5%. I think my line untreated is better than most. Still I can hear a big difference with treatment.
Tested out the new dedicated lines and, even though I assume the romex requires some kind of break in, it sounds pretty wonderful. But that is with the Hydra 4 to the components and the Black Mamba from amp direct to wall.
I would be surprised to learn that anybody has perfect power without treatment.
I have always been a fan of balanced power. The term "power conditioner" is a generic term in my opinion. Just what does that mean? It sounds like something you apply to your hair after shampoo. I highly recommend the following presentation, not so much for the aforementioned Niagara product but because this engineer comes from Furman, the owner of the market in commercial sound reinforcement systems worldwide. To me, balanced power is essential even with a dedicated line. Research balanced power and please ignore the crazy claims that it is dangerous. I have a balanced power unit and my system is black as can be.
@jafant, Gigawatt have world-wide distribution, though not currently in the US. On their website they advise if the country you're in doesn't have a Distributor to initially contact them, and my guess is they would either look after your enquiry directly or refer you to your nearest distributor (eg: Charisma Audio in CA).
I use 2 power conditioners with great results. One being a Shunyata Denali 6000T for my front end gear (Preamp & DAC) and a Torus Power RM20 for my monoblock Pass Labs XA60.8's.

In terms of the Shunyata, it was an eye opening experience once it was introduced into the chain. I have a single 20a circuit feeding it with an Alpha HC power cord.

In terms of the Torus, it has plenty  of reserve power to feed the Amps without restrictions  and they sound  better with it in the chain. Its fed by another 20a circuit.

If your power requirements are low its better to feed the whole system from a single 20a circuit using a single power conditioner of adequate headroom.