Do I need a power conditioner?

I’m in the process of dropping a dedicated 20 amp circuit or 2 into the music room.
So if I have a dedicated circuit for the amp, and a dedicated circuit for everything else,
is a conditioner useful?
I have several fairly decent systems going that I tweek and retweek.
Just got around to upgrading cables. Avoided conditioners because, in general, they dampen the presentation.
Was using a PS Audio PPP for low power components. But fell for the Shunyata spiel.
Plugged in a Hydra 4 with a Python Helix and was very happy with how it cleaned up the Zu Druids.
Seems high sensitivity speakers maybe reveal the grunge also.
Moved it to my system with the Martin Logans and the presentation seemed a bit lean and just a bit lifeless, using just copperhead cable to Hydra. (using all Pangea to get from the Hydra to other components.)
Then I put a Black Mamba from Classe amp straight to the wall and Wow! Single most significant tweek ever for me.
So I’m thinking, maybe I don’t need the Denali I ordered if I just use a couple dedicated circuits and some Shunyata power cords everywhere.
Thanks. :)
Dealer alert here but the Audiquest Niagara 7000 made a huge difference in the system. And it only requires 1 20 amp line and has 3 seperate zones for amps, and analog digital gear . It also deliveres up to 90 amps current for short peaks . I have he BHK 300 monoblocks plugged in and it increases micro and macro dynamics.

Anyone in the NYC area can hear it if they are interested

it also Made a nice impAct on an emotiva home theater system that is separate form the 2 channel system.  
Niagra 7000 with great reviews but price almost double a Denali 6000S.
Was considering a Niagra 1000 at one point. Local dealer raves about it.
randy-11623 posts02-19-2017 10:49ama conditioner is useful if and only if you have noise on the lines sufficient to distort the music you are playing

very very few actually measure the noise before wasting money on a conditioner

a conditioner is not really useful for protection - unplug everything when a storm approaches (or have a low deductible on your insurance)
I think your comment is an over-generalization Randy. The conditioner I use (Gigawatt PC-3 SE Evo) has a number of features which you don’t get by purely having a dedicated 20a circuit. For example the conditioner has a double buffered circuit with compensation cells to enhance impulse response for non-linear loads such as a power amp & levels the difference between input and output power.
It has an accurate volt meter which measures voltage in ’true RMS’.
It has over-voltage protection provided by a start block with plasma spark gaps, UltraMOV varistors & a filter circuit
It has a high current branch & is one of the few conditioners where power amps sound better connected to the conditioner than direct to wall.
It also has very robust surge protection provided by a custom-made hydrolic-magnetic switch from Carling Technologies. In fact, the conditioner comes with an insurance policy which covers damage to connected equipment up to €250,000! In other words, it can take a big hit.
Hey Todd,
Checked your reference and found it interesting.
As mentioned I am in healthcare and I have a definite bias toward avoiding unnecessary health interventions, because every intervention has a risk of complications, known and unknown. This unit falls into the category of unproven benefit and potential harm IMO. Thanks for providing the reference. Forwarded it to my sister. Hope it doesn't start a fight.
Sorry to everyone for taking the thread on a wild tangent :)