Do I need a phono amp if I own an integrated amp?

I am new to vinyl and am learning the ins and outs of owning a high-end turntable. The most important question is: do I need a phono amp if I have an integrated amp? Can I just play the table off the integrated amp? Please answer.
Also, which is better for beginners, the Pro-ject Debut III or the Rega P2?
The 'phono amp' is an RIAA equalization and step-up stage that must take place with phono cartridge signals. Many integrated amplifiers have this built in to them. Your instruction manual or the dealer should be able to verify this for you.
Depends on whether the integrated amp has an input specifically labeled "phono". If it does, then you have a phone preamp built in, and you do not need an outboard one.
If the integrated amp has 'phono' inputs, then yes. The amp will have a source selector switch on the front - if one of the selections is 'phono' - then yes, hook the turntable to the input labled Phono in the back (only use this jack for your turntable)
Some integrated amps have a phono stage, others do not, even within the same brand/model. Many times it is an add-on; you may find the same amplifier, one with phono, one without.

It is not hard to add phono even if your amplifier does not have phono built in. You can buy an external phono stage preamp for as little as $30. (You can also spend thousands$).

Take a look at some inexpensive ones here that would be fine for a beginner audiophile quality turntable.

Phono Stage Preamps

You can find used ones for a lot less on AudiogoN and on eBay.

The AudiogoN classified link is here ..

Phono Stage Preamps

If your intergated has a phono stage built in you will not need an external one as people have said.
I have one built in my Musical Fidelity A300.
I did add a dedicated phono stage later and it sounds much better than the built in one.
I added a Hagerman Cornet.
Buy a used phono stage if you get one.

Also, I might suggest a Technics SL -1200 turntable.
Some folks not crazy about direct drive, but I love mine and others think it competes with tables costing much more with some basic tonearm mods.
Take a look at
Good Luck.
Looking at your system you appear to already own a Linn LP12 Sondek turntable. Also you're running seperates rather than an integrated, does your Kollector preamp have a phono input? If not then how are you running your turntable? Given the quality of the rest of your system, Linn CD12 and Klimax amps, I would think you would have some knowledge of the ins and outs of vinyl. I'm sorry to be so inquisitive, it's just you have the system of a seasoned "Linn-phile" while asking the questions of s true begginer.
Be careful with the phono input label. I know that there are models of E.A.R. integrated amps that have phono inputs, and a phono position on the source selector switch...but this is still just a line level input! I guess that they just did this for labeling convenience...but you will still need a phono pre-amp. I don't know if there are other manufactures who have done the same thing.
You will not need a separate phono stage if your integrated has one built in(see above) but it is a very low cost way to improve your sound, as most built in stages are just so-so. From an excellent Bellari phono pre for about $ 140 used, up to the best out there from Boulder or Manley,running into the 5 figure range, and everything in between(Lehman Black Cube, Hagerman Cornet, as well as Channel islands and Audio Experience are good mid-range phono pre's) you have a lot of good choices. If you need one - or just want to up the ante on vinyl playback go for it! - Good luck from one LP12 owner to another.