Do I need a new pre-amp?

Hello, my current set-up: EAD Signature 5.1 Pre, EAD PM 2000. Would like to purchase a used EMC-1 mk2. My question is can the EAD pre-amp pass the EMC's 24/192 signal? I know there is no separate volume control for the EMC, so I would think I am stuck trying to connect to the Sig? Suggestions perhaps on an alternative pre-amp? Please help!
Thanks, Dave
Please correct me if I am wrong, but I don't believe the EAD Sig 5.1 has an analog pass-thru. In which case the benefit of having the incredible DAC present in the EMC-1 will be wasted. The reason: When you use the analog inputs into the EAD from the EMC-1 (or any CD player), the EAD will downconvert the signal back to digital, then reconvert from digital back to analog before sending the signal to the amp. As good as the DAC is in the EAD, it is no match for that in the EMC-1. In addition, an extra step is added to the conversion process, which ALWAYS results in loss of resolution. Unless you plan on getting a processor with analog pass-thru, you may want to consider purchasing a dedicated 2-channel preamp.

Regards...Mike - Father & Son Audio
No, you might not need a new preamp. Go direct ! What I mean, is to sell your preamp, and connect your CD player (with volume control & remote) directly to the amp. This eliminate some cables, and preamp from interfere with the source upstream.
Here is what I'd found. On my low-end 15 years old system, the CD player has a variable output, that I've never used until I read my hi-end cd player manual. I decide to give a try and connect my low-end cd player's variable ouput to the amp, man am I supprise ! The sound open up in everyway, more bass, open high, sweet mid, sound stage, etc.... I could say the system is now mid-fi :-)
On my hi-end system, I used to have a Mark Levinson No.26S preamp, with the balance input options. Which consider by many as a "reference" preamp. The system is still sound "hi-fi" to me. Until I connect my CD player directly to the amps.
So, wether you like tube or solid state, sell your preamps, cd player and buy cd player with volume control. This is what I call less is more !
I own a EAD TheaterMaster Classic and I do believe all EAD HT processors have an analog pass through for 2-channel use. In fact it should have a few of them as well as a few digital inputs. Your preamp is very capable of being used as a high end 2 channel audio system and you will get very good results with the Signiture. However, if you do wish to get the absolute very best 2 channel reproduction, you will need to invest in a 2 channel audio preamp. I would guess that in order to surpass what you already have, you will be looking at the very best pre's on the market whether it be tube or solid state. I currently am using a Jeff Rowland Coherence pre and use my EAD for HT running it through the tape loop of the Coherence. The difference between my Jeff Rowland and the EAD is noticable but, I believe if I owned the EAD prior to the Rowland, I would have invest my monies elsewhere, the EAD is that good. Keep your EAD Signiture, don't upgrade to the 8.1. Enjoy your EMC-1 mk2. That's one of the CD players that I'm considering.
There is another alternative to consider. You can purchase an integrated amplifier with a volume control. I am currently using my EMC-1 with the David Berning ZH-270 amplifier with very satisfying results.
Thanks to all who replied. Unfortunately, 6chac, the EMC does not have a separate volume control, or I would definitely go direct. And, as unbelievable as it may be Islandflyfisher, the Signature does not have an analog pass through, which really sucks! Hawaiikid's suggestion of an integrated amp would be fine, except there is no way I am moving away from my Powermaster 2000, it is just that good. It may just be the case that I will have to look at the Cary 306/200 w/ volume control, and scrap the idea of the EMC. I just can't stomach the idea of shelling out another 3K on another pre-amp, although I hear the new Rowland is sweet! Thanks again, the quest continues...

I just had to verify myself at the EAD users site:
It verifies what I thought about your signiture. It states that it has 6 analog and 6 digital inputs, 5 coaxial, and one toslink. You may need the users manual to figure out how to access them but you should have RCA's in the back of your unit labeled numerically. Check out the link to the site that I listed above. Good Luck!