Do I need a new DAC/streamer. Considering?

Okay okay Okay
I have a awesome sounding system that I enjoy.
Mcintosh C53
Mcintosh  601’s
M/L speakers. 15A’s
Tributaries cable

Yes, my c53 has the new DAC module

This discussion is about streamers only

My current DAC is a Bluesound (which I bypass the DAC in the node and use the DAC in the C53. And use the Node as a Streamer only)

But can’t help but wonder what if I exchanged out my DAC to an Lumin or Aurelic (spelling).......

opinions please. Worth it?
The reason is blind listening. You'll be surprised how alike streamers not using internal dacs sound or if you understood digital transfer you really wouldn't be surprised at all. 
There is definitely no need for a DAC in the streaming device and the only question is whether you want a server between your streaming service and your player or you want to go straight to the player.  Streamers bypass the server and you are simply directing Tidal or Qobuz to your player.  This exposes your player to the volatility of the internet. 

If you have a server in place between player and streaming source (Tidal Qobuz) you get a more stable signal as the server brings in the track and then delivers it to the player. 

If you run Tidal or Qobuz through Roon, it undeniably sounds different than if you send it straight to your device.  I have recently tested this with Tidal through Roon to my 2Go/Hugo 2 vs sending the signal straight to the 2Go through Tidal.  I have a Roon Nucleus+ on my network.  The sound is a bit thinner in the midrange and airier in the treble when you go straight to the 2Go.  Far from ideal.  I found it quite different and found the 2Go was inferior when dealing with Tidal directly vs the Roon Nucleus+ handling it first.  I have no DSPs running in Roon.    

My wife, who doesn’t care a lick at all about the gear I’m running and rarely offers a comment, even when asked, said without a prompt “that sounds better”.  Indeed, I spent a lot more upgrading my DAC than my streamer yet I got more sonic improvement from the streamer.  
I understand that you likely have more knowledge than I about such things - and I respect that.  I also understand the there should not be differences from data loss or from timing errors with a DAC that rejects jitter well.   I don’t think those are the culprit - and, from what I gather, neither does anybody else.

What i don’t understand is why you proselytize so regularly on an audiophile forum (where we’re all ostensibly looking for better sound) that because you did not enjoy an improvement in your system, it’s not possible anybody else did either.  

Perhaps your digital network is vastly superior to mine such that your noise floor is well below my own, negating any difference.  I can accept that.  Perhaps your DAC is vastly better than mine over SPDIF (Node only outputs TOSLINK and SPDIF).  I can accept that, too.   And, it may well be placebo effect causing some of us to experience an improvement.  But, there are also reasonable explanations as to why many of us experience an improvement that are other than placebo.  

You might notice that I generally suggest to forum participants that they try in their system as I don’t know whether or not they’ll enjoy a benefit. Very, very few things are black and white and I wouldn’t want somebody who enjoys this hobby to be misled by my experience. Or, yours. 
+100 djones.

I have recently tried 4 different streamers with an external DAC and they all sounded the same to me. I picked the Node 2i because it was the cheapest and sounded great. Good luck..

Not sure were your going with your comments  but let me take a stab at what your comments represents.  Correct me if I’m wrong

The reason why I “proselytize” so much is because I’m not the expert. If I was an expert, I would not need to post here. From all my experience in everything, including stereo equipment, what I have found to be true is that there is always, always someone that can improve your  knowledge or thought process on any given subject. If I paid $250 or $50,000 on a system I always look for improvement. Therefore, consulting the”real” experts on this forum, Gives me a different outlook, if any in the subject. If if wasn’t for guys like me and others,  there would not be a forumDon’t  you agree that this is what this forum is for?