Do I need a new amp?

Hello Audiogoners,

I've got a Marantz 7012 AVR, Triangle Stratos Volante 260 speakers, sources are primarily Tidal, Qoboz, and Spotify.   Speaker Cables are Chord Epic Twin, and power cables are all Mark Tunis Stealth.   My 845SE tube amps are at the shop being fixed and I'm thinking that these are not the best fit for me as the way I use my system is to leave it on for 8hrs/day almost every day.

I'm not satisfied with much about the sound without my tube amps.  The dynamics are compressed, the highs trail off, the bass is not deep, nor tight enough...   When my tube amps are "in" the system - I love the fluid/open/extended highs/liquid sound, but I think SS is more appropriate for the way I use my system.   I primarily listen to Jazz and Jazz variants.

I've been advised to get a new Integrated with HT pass thru.   Makes perfect sense, but the ones I like (e.g. Krell K300i) are $8k.   I'm on a $2k budget.   Should I just get some amps now and drive them with pre-outs form my AVR?   I'm OK with used equipment.

I'm thinking of Merrill Veritas (too expensive), Odyssey Khartago SE+, Bel Canto Ref 500M, Belles Reference 350, Mivera 1200AS, etc.    I don't know that I care what class the amps are, I just care about audio quality.

What advice do you have for a recovering tube guy?   Can I get satisfaction with SS?
Kinki  Studio  EX Series M-1   is in your price range.
HT bypass
Good reviews.
Look at Rogue Audio Pharaoh,  tube front end, tube phono, HT bypass enough class D power to drive most if not all speakers. Great value IMO. A little above your price range but maybe can find used.
I'm in no way associated with Rogue but do own this unit. Not shilling, just suggesting a look see.
For solid state amps, I have had three Parasound amps and could not be happier with the Halo A21. Tremendous power, great finesse. Never any hum or noise. I had a Odyssey Stratos and it was nothing but trouble, both with quality and customer service. For hard to drive speakers with lower sensitivity ratings, I agree sometimes solid state amps are better. I think the first 10 watts of the A21 is class A, and after that it switches to AB. The newer A21+ is out, so you may find great deals on the A21.

Anyone familiar with Nord Acoustics out of England?   I've neve heard their equipment, but the specs, price, and the exchange I've had with Colin, their MD is quite impressive.
Someone recommends the Kinki Studio on every single one of these threads. Is it the same person? I can't be bothered to check.
I'm also a jazz freak due to an extended "beatnik" personal phase. Read some of "atmasphere's" comments on why most SS amps sound the way they do, and you might want to stay with tubes. They just sound right. The only exception to this that interests me at all is the Pass XA25, and I might get one just to see what's what (I like Nelson's design philosophy). Otherwise, a single ended 12wpc tube amp with 99db speakers still floats my boat...spins my wheels...gets it done...cops the buzz...