Do I need a DAC for iPod?

I am not up with the latest HiFi standards. My last system was a McIntosh Integrated to Dynaudio speakers, using only a Rotel CD player. I sold the system years ago and I am now looking to buy a less expensive HiFi system. I will likely be buying B&W PM1's and a Roksan Caspian Integrated Amp.

My whole music library now is on our Ipod's and iPad's. What do I need to get music from them? Do I need a DAC? I dont know anything about them. They sound like those line conditioners, whatever they are....they just seem to "clean" the electrical feed to the amp (which I will not be planning on buying).

Thanks for your help

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You say that your whole music library is on Ipod's and iPad's. Instead of using DAC for iPod, why not try to have a Apple Music Converter that removes DRM protection. I realize an amazing converter that comes from DumpMedia. I can choose the output format on this tool. By the way, it is possible for me to decide what device I want to have my songs saved on.