Do I keep the Oracle Delphi IV/V?

Own an Oracle Delphi Mk IV/V upgraded from MkII, having custom power supply designed by engineer at Conrad Johnson. Needs new belt, likely suspension and full tune-up. Toneare is Morch UP-4 which I plan to replace with Origin Encounter Mk IIIc, as I struggle with getting Morch set-up correctly.

Am looking at either Rega RP10 or Origin Resolution Mk III with Encounter Mk IIIc arm as replacements. Does anyone have any knowledge of how the two new combos will compare to the Oracle/Origin combo?

Thank you
I had a Oracle Delphi MKIII with SME IV arm for years.

I never was quite satisfied with the sound, and went to a VPI TNT MKIII with JMW-10 arm. Blew the Oracle out of the water sound wise, and I never looked back.

Ditch the Oracle, IMO.
Thank you for your comment Don_c55. There are numerous VPIs I have looked at from the Classic 3 to their new VPI Prime model with the 3D tonearm.