Do I have to spend $4000 plus to get a better sounding speaker than GET model 7 ?

I have owned a pair of Golden Ear Technology 7's speaker for almost 3 years. I think they sound very good in my current set-up.  I bought them unheard based on the rave reviews they received at CES 2012. My concern is that if I was to invest in a speaker that is $3500-$4000, it may prove to be only marginally or fairly better. I am not saying that the GET's 7's are the best bargain in audio at $1395.  My experience with them is they are  very accurate with low distortion, but don't throw a particularly wide or deep soundstage. 

I have considered( not necessarily auditioned) Revel F-206;  Focal Aria 936;  Paradign F85;  PSB T-2';  Ryan 630;  B&W CM9S   Dynaudio X-34;  Duevel "Venus"  Audio Physic Sitara 25 and Tempo 25  All of the indicated speakers (except AP and Duevel) fall in the $3000-$4500 retail price range 

ProAc floor standers are off the scope in price, (often, even used)   Anything I buy will be used, because California sales tax is 8.5%,  and I can stretch my dollars buying used. 

Any recommendations are welcomed especially if based on you own experience with a particular speaker or brand.

Thank you, S.J     

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To mofojo:  The Focal Electra 1027be speakers  you mentioned are gone on the Music Room site already.  Thanks anyway for the heads up.

I am now checking out the Salk Audio "Songtower RT ( RAAL ribbon) tweeter   They may be a direct market company.

Has anyone heard or own  them??  

Thank you,  SJ.

Just head over to Audiocircle to find out all you need to know about Salk.
Selah Audio is another great company on AC that makes thrilling speakers using Raal tweeters. Spacial Audio is also there. People are raving about Clayton's open baffle speakers!
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Decware ERRx - I haven't listened in person, but the report in comparison to the HR-1s are they are more laid back. Some people love it, Steve describes them as sitting in the 30th row back at a concern hall with perfect acoustics.

The HR-1's have a blended approach with more slam, more presence, but still astonishingly impressive transparency.

I gravitated to this hybrid radial approach for a few reasons:

 - My 11x12.5x10 room has acoustical challenges and this radial gives me a large enough sweet spot without a lot of first reflection point issues.
 - Minimal crossover that doesn't suck power from low watt SET amps.

The HR-1 speakers are drop dead gorgeous. Bob is a master craftsman and really cares a great deal about making an amazing product.

The HR-1s are not your traditional hi-fi speaker, they are more forgiving than say a single full-range driver, but not nearly as forgiving as something like the Vandersteen 1c.

FWIW: I had a pair of the Vandersteen 1Ci, Spatial Audio OBs, and the HR-1s in the room. All sounded great. The HR-1s fit the bill with what I was looking for in my setup.

YMMW with Radials, I think its a scary jump if you have never listened to them but I will never go back.

To hfiron.  Thank you for the additional info. The HR-1's are $4895, the much smaller and less gorgeous HRRx is $2495......$2400 price difference may account for their starling performance.

Regrettably, I have abandoned auditioning any of the DECWARE SPEAKERS ON HOME TRIAL. The reason is simple, potential buyers must pay round trip shipping from and back to Peoria, Illinois, and if you return the speaker of your choice there is a 10 %  restocking fee. I diplomatically lodged a complaint about this policy with Steve, and decided to look elsewhere.

Selah Audio has a generous home trial policy where the buyer only pay return shipping back to North Carolina if your return the speaker you choose to audition.  The Selah speaker  " Dicennio" is a revamped version of  the  former the Prestigio.  and is $3495  It is an MTM design using the RAAL tweeter.  Not sure if it is worth the bucks when their are other speakers in that price range, though used, that could be  a better and a better value.  I will have to see

Thanks again to those who have responded   S.J..