Do I have to brand match preamp and amp?

I recently got an Ayre v-5xe Amp for my two channel setup (with Revel f208 speakers and PS Audio Directstream DAC). At a good price locally.

I looked at the matching K-5xe MP matching preamp, but it’s too expensive brand new and nothing available used.

Do I have to get a matching brand preamp? Or something different would do. My budget for the Preamp is around two grand.

@audioconnection and @gdnrbob Thank you!

Yeah... I missed that k-5xeMP here a few days ago at a great price. The guy did not even know it was MP version.... by the time I checked and confirmed with Ayre on serial number, it was gone.

The one on eBay is “x” version, not even “xe”.

If I went with PS Audio, it would have to be the BHK Signature Preamp, but that is above my budget new, and possibly used from what I can see via hi-fi shark.

Bottom line, as you guys suggested, it may be worth waiting for the Ayre to come up for sale used, although patience is not a virtue I have 😉
So, what would be a good solid state Preamp that is similar in quality and price with k-5xe MP?

What is your budget?
You can wait, or there is a K-1xe for sale on Audiogon right now.
@jmcgrogan2 I saw that, but not familiar with it. Must be an old model.

My budget is about two grand, plus minus
Well the K-1xe was Ayre's top of the line preamp, introduced in 2002 (xe version), list at $6,750.
 The K-5xe was the Ayre's entry level preamp introduced in 2003 list of $2,950.
At that time the K-3xe represented the middle of the Ayre preamp line, released in 2002, listed at $3,700.

The Ayre K-5xe MP was released in 2008, and listed at $3,500.
That's about as much as I know about the Ayre lineage.

Personally, I am a fan of tubed preamps. If I had to go with a SS preamp, I would probably look for a Klyne preamp. YMMV.