Do I have my power cords in the right spot?

Want to make sure I am utilizing my Ac cords on my system I have as follows
marantz pre amp morrow map2
mccormack dna1 morrow map2
B&K st 125.7 ps audio power punch
pioneer blu ray ps audio perfect wave jewel
apc15 power conditioner Pangea ac9se
is there a better combo I'm missing?
For a somewhat specific answer to your question, try swapping the Punch and Pangea, and if there's no difference, well... refer to the other posts about your preference/ears.Cheers!
Try listening to tracks in which your system doesnt shine so well . If you test with tunes that sound good on any setup then you will strain too hard to tell the difference. .
Ignoring there are two map2 cords, there are a great many possible combinations.

Swapping them around is a fools errand as D1/C1 D2/C2 maybe better with D3/C3 than with D3/C4.

To properly conduct the test, you need a duplicate set of Cords to swap each cord type into each Device.

Given that systems and our perceptions of same change continuously, FOGEDDABOUDIT!