Do I have my power cords in the right spot?

Want to make sure I am utilizing my Ac cords on my system I have as follows
marantz pre amp morrow map2
mccormack dna1 morrow map2
B&K st 125.7 ps audio power punch
pioneer blu ray ps audio perfect wave jewel
apc15 power conditioner Pangea ac9se
is there a better combo I'm missing?
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None of them should be anywhere at all except by listening. When the first one goes in, where does it go? Where it sounds best. Who knows where it sounds best? You do. How? By listening!

Maybe its the way I listen but I am not of the mind that some power cord works better on one component than another. They all work the same regardless. What does change and what it will help to keep in mind is signal flow.

The signal flows from the wall to the components and comes out the speakers. Yeah I said the signal flows from the wall. Its a Zen thing. Deal with it. 

Since everything plugs into the conditioner then it makes sense to use the best power cord between the conditioner and the wall. How do you know which one is best? Please scroll up and read the first paragraph again.

If all your power cords sound the same then no problem. Or rather different problem: you can't hear. They never sound the same. Unless they all sound the same to you, in which case, no problem.

Otherwise, best goes in the wall. Why? Because then everything benefits from the best power cord. Probably things will sound better with the next best going to your most important source component. But there really is no way to say for sure. You just have to go and listen.
Agree with all noted above; you just have to listen. Also good to keep your Cables tidy and keep distance from others, keeping power cords away from your IC’s the best you can. As your PC’s lay on the floor, also good to keep them away from your speaker cables - best not to run anything parallel with each other if you can help. Lastly if you can keep all cables off the floor that is good too. Easy to make your own cable lifts.
For a somewhat specific answer to your question, try swapping the Punch and Pangea, and if there's no difference, well... refer to the other posts about your preference/ears.Cheers!
Try listening to tracks in which your system doesnt shine so well . If you test with tunes that sound good on any setup then you will strain too hard to tell the difference. .
Ignoring there are two map2 cords, there are a great many possible combinations.

Swapping them around is a fools errand as D1/C1 D2/C2 maybe better with D3/C3 than with D3/C4.

To properly conduct the test, you need a duplicate set of Cords to swap each cord type into each Device.

Given that systems and our perceptions of same change continuously, FOGEDDABOUDIT!