Do I have enough electronics for Contour s1.4?

For the last 8 years I have been driving a set of Dynaudio Audience 52se with a Musical Fidelity A3.2 integrated A3.2 CD and an Apple digital network feeding an MSB Link DAC III. It is wired up with Kimber Kable products (Hero /4vs).
I've been quite pleased with this setup but have the upgrade itch. I'm considering picking up a set of Dynaudio Contour s1.4s to replace the 52se. Will there be an improvement? Do I have enough front end to make the s1.4 perform? The A3.2 is rated at 185w @ 4ohms.

Most-likely you'll have enough of electronics for s1.4, but why you would target speaker you haven't heard for upgrade?
If you provide your room/placement description, you'll get more useful answers. Do you like to listen LOUD?
I have owned Dynaudio Audience 42, Focus 140, Contour 1.4, and Confidence C1 models. I have at times used the same Musical Fidelity a3.2 integrated and cd player as you, and later the a308 integrated and cd player. It is my opinion if you like the Dynaudio sound you will notice a clear and very pleasant improvement. The 1.4 is a more refined speaker than the 52se. At least it was to my ears when I listened to both of them at a Dynaudio dealer.
I'm a big fan of the dynaudio sound and have loved my 52se's I'm looking for something that will have a less congested midrange and more refined sound-stage and a little deeper bass extension. My system is in the living room, hardwood floors with rugs, curtained side walls. dimensions? Not sure. Volume has not been a problem. Listening habbits are about 30% critical listening with speakers optimally placed away from all walls on HEAVY steel stands, and 70% background music.
Does this help? Picture of set up here:
I owned the Contour S1.4 on two separate occasions over the past ten years. Your electronics are fine. I think you will be very happy with the upgrade. Enjoy!
if s1.4 is next step, you should take another step ahead and save yourself some time and money upgrading meaning you should go for c1 instead.
I pulled the trigger on the S1.4's. They are awesome.
Thanks all for your input.

C1's are out of budget for now.