Do I have a balanced system?

Over the years I have upgraded so many components individually that I fear my system may have become lopsided. My system is as follows:

Mcintosh MA7000 integrated amp
Esoteric SA60 cd player
Focal 927be speakers
Project Experience with Blue Point Special Evo iii turntable
REL R-305 sub
Shunyata Hydra 8, Hydra 2
Foundation Research LC-10
All Cardas Golden Reference Interconnects
Acoustic Zen Hollogram II Speaker Cable
All Shunyata taipan 15 amp power cables and two Python 20amp.

To those who know these components, does this seem like a balanced system to you?
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Put them all on one scale, the only thing that's not balance here is your head, I think. The mind is a terrible thing to get messed up here, that's the reason why the so called "Upgrade Bug" it's all in our heads. Just sit back and enjoyed the music my friend. Of course there're always room for improvements. take this phrase( MINE IS THE BEST, BECAUSE YOU CAN'T HAVE IT, AND I'M THE ONLY ONE LISTENING TO IT). We all have different taste for music, never one system is identical to another, so the only advise you should listen to is your own. After all those upgrades, is this your most satisfied moment yet? If it is, then let just put an end to it.
if resolution, dynamics, freq response etc. are within balance, then the net result is MUSICALITY.

If the sound satisfies your expectations then you've arrived; if not, then you're not there yet. Simple.
I must say, that I am very happy with my current set up. However, I have been happy with past setups only to find a whole new world of musicality was one upgrade away. Nonetheless, I think I'm at a decent stopping point.
I hate balanced systems. For my tastes it is to balanced. Seem like you should sneak in one outrageous piece of gear in there.
Jamiek, I know exactly what you mean. A sense that perhaps you don't exactly know what you're missing, and the hope that some of it might be reachable with an insightful change or two instead of a ton of money.
you could always try different wire if you seek a change, but it looks like a really nice system to me, nothing seems to stand out as a weak link.
As it turns out, Balanced, is how everything sounds Best.

I try whatever sounds Best.

For what I have, I use the cables,power cords to fine tune,

my sound.

The Modified Marantz player, extracts every iota, of

Musical information, and Music is delivered, cleanly from

the speakers.

IMHO, I believe it is the "sum of the parts", and how

they work together.

"Synergy", and it is in FULL-EFFECT!

Only when I forget about the equipment, while listening,

am I convinced, the Sound is "Right".

I Love Music!