Do I 'Hafta' clean a brand new audiophile LP?

Just got Roy Orbison's "lonely and blue" 200g pressing from Classic Records in the mail today.

I placed it on the VPI cleaning machine and just stopped.
It looks so perfect! Why risk sonic changes?

Do new albums REALLY need cleaning...?

Yes. I could say a lot more but the first sentence really says it all.
Absolutely, you 'Hafta'.

Trust us.

The record making process sometimes leaves crud in the grooves that you can't see, but it is there. Playing the record, even just once, will push the crud in so you can never get it out. Plus, the crud coats the stylus.
The "Yes" sentence. Sorry if I was vague.

Clean the damn record or send it to me and I'll clean it for you! Roy ain't gonna sing "Pretty Woman" with crud in his throat.

:>) Regards, and yes do clean all your records, they'll last longer.
I'll echo the other responses, clean it! What? You think these things are clean when they come out of the presses? I even go so far as to put new albums into a new sleeve after I have cleaned them. Just take a look at a new record with mold release compound stuck to it and you'll see why.

Enjoy the Roy tunes!
Not only 'hafta' but 'sposda'
"sounds like someone has a case of the 'sposdas'"

don't be held back from grade school promotion, clean every record before every playing

Read my tale of woe about the filthy new records I just got from Speakers Corner on a nearby thread. Just do it.
No, ya don't HAFTA, but if ya don't, ya SHOULDA
Use the Record Reseach Deep Cleaner, best I've seen to remove that crap.
They only last longer if there "LAST"-ed after their cleaned.
Yes. Even new 180g needs cleaning.
Yes, Please clean, and I mean wash, all your records both old and new. The manufacturing process leaves pressing die release compounds on and in the the vinyl grooves. You can not see it with your naked eye, but under a microscope you would be horrifed!!