Do I go from a Primaluna HP Integrated to Schiit Freya+ and a pair of Aegir Amps?

So, In the quest for bigger, better, faster, louder...etc.
I am considering going Hybrid with a Schiit "Freya+" tube pre amp and pair of Class A Schiit "Aegir" amps...well as they say, better than Class A!
Anyhow, interested in the dynamics of solid state and the sonics of tubes up front, opinions please...I am thinking that hybrid without Class D amps, and using something more pure might work well........

Thank you boys and girls....

If you want bigger faster louder make sure the Prima Luna is running KT150s.

Otherwise save up enough pennies to make a real upgrade. With Forte IIIs the amp is unlikely to be a system bottleneck. I suggest you look for improvements elsewhere.
@pesky_wabbit  is on the right track with the different tubes. Have you tried different pwr amp tubes in the Primaluna? Even if you haven’t, my vote is still for the Primaluna nonetheless. It’s hand wired with top notch build quality, where the Schiit has mostly SMD components on the PCBs, not that that’s necessarily a bad thing. 
It’s your system though, and it sounds like you want something different. If you want bigger, better, faster, louder, have you thought of a couple of Schiit Vidar amps and a Freya + ? 
Agree with several here.  The Schiit electronics are nice for the money, but they are going to be on the harsh/sterile side.  I was actually quite impressed with the Primuluna equipment for tube (and I'm not a tube fan). 

Lot's of choices for rolling out tubes.  For the 12au7, PSVANE if you want the most highest resolution and neutral tubes manufactured today (best modern manufactured tube in my opinion).  PSVANE makes EL34 tubes also. 

Or go towards something more romantic like NOS such as Amperex or others.

Some people recommend trying KT120 or KT150 to push up the power.  I have limited listening, but my ears tell me that these higher power tubes will tend to be shouty and have some grain.  Definitely not as sweet as the KT88 or EL34.
his speakers are rated 8 ohms at 98db I think he's fine with the single Agir.

from the Forte spec sheet:

  I have my Finale Audio 300B integrated up for sale right now  I've been thinking something similar,  going a Freya and Aegir maybe First Watt if funds are there. 

me personally I'm tired of tubes and the costs of 300b's every year or so. Hell a good set of new production 300b's are what an Aegir is worth lol. I've spent $1500 on tubes this last few months  re-tube my integrated, I'm done with output tubes costing hundreds each. 

eag618 OP
Schiit "Freya+" tube pre amp and pair of Class A Schiit "Aegir" amps...well as they say, better than Class A!

Go vertical bi-amping with the Freya into both Aegir amps and into the Klipsch Forte 3 speakers. This setup will make the Forte 3's sing.

Cheers George