Do I go from a Primaluna HP Integrated to Schiit Freya+ and a pair of Aegir Amps?

So, In the quest for bigger, better, faster, louder...etc.
I am considering going Hybrid with a Schiit "Freya+" tube pre amp and pair of Class A Schiit "Aegir" amps...well as they say, better than Class A!
Anyhow, interested in the dynamics of solid state and the sonics of tubes up front, opinions please...I am thinking that hybrid without Class D amps, and using something more pure might work well........

Thank you boys and girls....

I'm using a tube preamp with a solid state amplifier, and it works well. However, it seems the Prima Luna is very highly regarded, so this raises the question of why upgrade? Perhaps an upgrade to your speakers would produce a more dramatic/audible change?
what speakers do you have? i wouldn’t use the aeigirs with any speaker under 97db sensitivity, and with impedancedrops under 6ohms
Speakers are a pair of just broken in Klipsch Forte III's 98 dB efficiency that sound just fine......The reason for considering the change is the fact that hybrids seem to better control the bass, and soundstage in the PL, I am not that thrilled with!
the PL amp you mentioned is outstanding sonically and has plenty of "oomph." Your stated desire for sonic changes suggests possible room interactions? Have you done your "homework" to make your listening room advantageous?
Schiit Freya preamps are fun (!) and recently improved (I have the original version and it's great sounding) so that's likely a real good idea, and you need only one Aegir to get cookin' (I use a 12wpc single ended tube amp with Heresy IIIs...killer sound, plenty of headroom...2 REL subs are also in the pile). The good news with efficient speakers is the ability to use any amp with 'em, although lower powered Class A or single ended tube amps are addicting and keep you in the efficient speaker domain.