Do i get the old or new Classe amps?

I need opinions of Classe users. The advent of new Classe CA amps under the xx1 series - 151, 201, 301 and 401 have meant that the older series are now considerably cheaper used. Classe claims the new xx1 amps have better circuits and parts. How much significant is the sound improvement in the new design from the old model, eg the CA 200 vs the 201? Is it worthwhile paying premium for the new models? I am thinking of saving up for a Classe pre and power but am undecided if I should go for a used amp bargain or to go the full hilt and get them brand new.

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About one year ago I listened to the Clase CA 151 in comparison to the Classe CA 150. I could discern no appreciable difference between the two. I also happen to like the cosmetic styling of the older CA series better than the new series. With that being the case, I purchased a CA 150 used here on the AudiogoN site and paired it with a Classe Six preamp also purchased used through AudiogoN. The Six is sonically superior, IMO, to its predecesor, the Classe DR-6. I believe the excellent quality phono section alone on the Six is worth the preamp's value used. The older series Classe gear has been reviewed in many of the audiophile publications. These reviews can frequently be found in the product archives on the publication's (Stereophile magazine, etc.) websites. They might provide a starting point, or frame of reference, for comparison. Trust your ears, and good luck with your own comparisons.