Do i/c's on a component affect overall system ?

My question is that do interconnects on one component affect the sound of another component the same way power cords will mix and give a system an overall sound. I know that if I change the power cord to my tuner and the tuner is off, the sound of my CDP changes due to the difference of the characteristic of the power cord mixed in with the rest of the system. Do i/c's change the overall sound of a system even if not listening to that particular component and in fact the component with the different changed i/c is off? I changed the i/c's to my preamp from my tuner and my CDP sounds different even when the tuner is off. Is this normal? I know it is normal with power cables. I should mention I just got my preamp back from repair and I realise that it must be burning in new parts but the change in sound when I changed the i/c's on my tuner has me asking this question.
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Never experienced what you describe with either power cords or interconnects, but I use a buffered preamp and two-stage system power conditioning with all shielded cables, so I wouldn't expect to. I'd say 'hope that helps', but it won't, so I'll just say good morning and good luck...
Yes it does (first of all,sorry for my english as it is not my main language)the best way is let your main source only coupled to your preamp nothing else.
(you will listen the clearest sound your system provide)all the components
coupled to preamps including their ics (and over these ics)gave the vibration
energy variable type of ics termination material including cable s material
(such as brass connecter or teflon or etc...)and this effect always causes more
solid less airy and texturel presantation do try only your cd player coupled to preamp you will get more relax and transparent sound,even rf and emi stopper caps if put on the empty inputs of preamps your sound again get compressed some amount.
My advise take off other ics while you are listening cd,and when you want to listen tuner just plug its ics into your preamp.
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I don't believe any of you can hear the effect of cables on an unused component on the rest of the system. Believe what you want but it is, in my opinion, just silly.
Try a clever little clock.

It makes just about as much sense.
Some interconnects are directional and are indicated as such. Usually the directionality is determined by the ground being connected at one end of the IC and not at the other. Installing these backwards can cause a hum in the system even if the component to which they are connected is not powered up. I would think that if this scenario makes a difference in a system's sound, then it's possible that other effects might be heard as a result of ICs either being installed backward or not installed at all.
do a blind test. have someone disconnect the ICs from the tuner and listen to your cd player. If you can identify 100% when they are plugged in, then it affects the sound.

Some preamps leak from one input to the other, so if you have a tuner on and listening to cds, it may affect the sound I guess if the preamp is leaking. Also try switching to the cd input without the cd playing and see if you can hear your tuner. Raise the volume on the preamp but don't forget to turn it down before you hit play on the cdp.