Do i belong here

Hi iam a simple cobbler from the uk ,18 years ago i spent £5000 on a system called Caspian Roksan with ruark prologue one speakers which sounds great ,but looking at what other people have got i'm not sure i belong here.
Dude, ask any audio-related question you'd like.
I still have a Roksan Caspian integrated amp. Still works and sounds great in my office system
Thats great .mine sounds great also.but when you see some of the systems here you wonder ,makes your ears water.also i got it wrong before it is 24 years old.
What dac would you add to a sqeezebox.anyone.
cobbone1 ...

Not to worry. One of the most outspoken members here uses a Sony Walkman for his system. 

I think the only people who don't belong here are the ones who purchased that systems to show them off to their friends and family, without enjoying the music.
All others who bought something to enjoy music, even a pocket radio, have joined in these forums and chimed in.
Welcome back to the hobby and have fun!
cobbone1 - That’s the first trap most people fall into -i.e., "More money = better sound". System matching, room treatment and reasonable expectations are far more productive.
P.S. What is a "squeezebox"? 
Yes! You do belong,  and welcome. 


The sqeezebox uses OPTICAL and RCA digital out put, for the best sound use the RCA digital connection and most all DACS have RCA digital input so the door is wide open as far as a DAC is concerned. I have heard great things about DACS from Shiit and Oppo.
Anything audio is relevant here. Welcome!

I think the OP has a Logitech Squeezbox. It's a few year since they made them.
If you want an inexpensive DAC, you should look at the Schiit Bifrost Multibit. Though they are made in the US, they are shipping wordwide.
Maybe look on Hifi Shark to see if any are on your side of the Atlantic?
I think it would be a good choice for your system. 
Cobbone1 -

Something modern. Schiit or Mytek work really well with Squeezebox. :)

Older DAC's usually need a little help like a Wyred4Sound reclocker to sound their best.

I have used a SB touch from 44/16 to 96/24 with great results.


Welcome. Good sound, ironically perhaps, has practically nothing to do with the equipment. End of sermon. Oh, no offense to anyone with a system costing more than $100K.
"Practically" nothing. Therein lies the rub.
I look at the cost of some of the equipment being considered and/or purchased and I think:

1) these people are all single neurosurgeons with no kids or
2) they have modest incomes, but their families are starving or
3) they are lying 

One thing in common - we love music and the equipment we play it on.
Welcome Cobbone1
I am a simple retired Postman who recently purchased dream system at age 62. $5K for amp and speakers and I am awed every time I fire it up with Tidal lossless.
Rotel  Ra1570
Martin and Logan Motion 60's
Headphone rig:
JDS Labs The Element Dac
Schiit audio Valhalla 2
Sennheiser HD 600's

If you want to learn, you belong.
If you want to teach, you belong.
If you want to share, you belong.

Welcome Cobbone1,

No worries.  I always have a hard time respecting any club or internet site that would accept me as a member.

We all belong because we love music and are just looking for better ways to reproduce it in our systems.
Welcome cobbone1 everyone belongs who is interested in audio and music. Enjoy and I hope you learn a lot and enjoy your system even more.
Ya man
you belong here
much as any of us
God bless

I’ve used an HRT Music Streamer II+ for a few years. Got good reviews, small and cheap and worked great for me streaming from a Mac mini computer.
Don’t sell your optical short
most, well many hear have never run a real glass cable.... just saying....
Hi there and welcome to the forum, most people here are very knowledgeable and great for hints an tips. I'm also in the Uk ( sunny Scotland ) so an extra big welcome. You asked about a DAC and the one I use for streaming and mastering CDs with is the Oppo Sonica DAC which probably has everything you would need and it can decode quite a lot of streams though Not MQA but anything else is really good and great quallity sound also.
Welcome--this just represents life--you can learn some things, but there are truthtellers, b.s.ers, and pretenders to be found.
Thankyou to all the people that have took the time out to comment and make me feel very welcome.
You are a good man Cobbone1. The best part about this forum is that it is interesting and free. Take what you need and leave the rest.