do fancy fuses help?

wondering if there is any consensus whether expensive fuses, e.g. hi-fi tuning ceramic, really do help and are worth the money. is it like power cord voodoo (that is, they can make an audible improvement, logic be damned), or is there a theory behind why they might improve things? My amp uses 6 fuses, so a $250 experiment is only "cheap" upgrade by our insane audiophile standards.
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Replace just the Main power fuse first. That will answer your question. If you can't hear the differences in nuance at that point... Then again: It sounds like you were able to discern the differences with a power cord swap(if I'm reading your post correctly). NO ONE knows what actually happens between electrons and metal crystals at the quantum level: So- OPINIONS BE DAMNED!! What those of us that CAN hear, DO hear, is all that matters.
I started a thread on this question on the HIFICRITIC forum. Got some interesting answers, you might want to take a look.
For one of the more heated discussions on this topic you could check here. My opinion is damned.
Yes a fuse in the amp can be very helpful it saved a $3000 stereo Musical fidelity and some vintage stuff that couldc have caught fire and burned down the house the development town county and other parts of the state for want of a Nail. (In fond memory of rosanne rosannadana)
It can't hurt
The simple and inexpensive way to establish whether it's worth it or not is to, if your equipment uses stock glass fuses, replace all of those with ceramic fuses and if you have a cryo vendor locally, to cryo those ceramics. If you cryo, you'll have to go through a bit more burn in than non cryo (probably 2-3 weeks) but it's going to be a simple procedure to go back to the stock glass and compare.

I have not progressed beyond the above, which can be done very economically, and, IMO represents a decent sonic upgrade: even non cryoed ceramics represent a pretty big step forward from standard glass.

If you have 6-7 glass fuses to replace, they can be replaced in ceramic for well under $20 and I would suggest that you'll find significant improvement. If not, you're out $20.
I wonder if Building-Ships-In-Bottles discussion boards are as meshuge as audiophile discussion boards.
Do tell anyone, I melted my wife's wedding ring and created a specracular gold plated fuse. It really took my system to a whole new level. Stay tuned for my full blown review.
Tvad- Could you define, "meshuge" for us? Well: You lost me and my Funk and Wagnall's anyway.
waste of money.
Tvad- Could you define, "meshuge" for us? Well: You lost me and my Funk and Wagnall's anyway.

That's because it's Yiddish :)

Before I realized that, I was wondering if he meant "as huge a mess". :)

-- Al
AHA!(or, as we say in Hebrew, "ACHA!") If it had been, "meshugenah" I'd have recognized it. The craziness is how many express their opinions without EVER having tried what they're opining about. How empty-headed is that?
I thought the whole "superfuse" thing was kinda ridiculous until I tried one. Now I have eight. YMMV. Dave

PS You can get partway there by pulling your existing fuses, cleaning them and the fuseholder with something like Deoxit Gold, and replacing them.
If you know your amp is OK, temporarily replace the fuse with a jumper. If it doesn't sound different save your money. And don't forger to remove the jumper!
Timrhu, thanks. that thread seemed to cover the whole gamut of opionions, which of course, varied considerably.

easy u talking these things too seriously, relax man.

Its a free forum.
I agree with the first post, try one in your main and see what you think. I thought I only had one on the outside, till I realized there were more inside. I've not changed the insiders yet, but when I get the extra cash lookout...I use an iso clean.

Look at the trashtalk on techtalk under isoclean...

And, why would you think power cords are voodoo? They're just a reworked product that is better sounding than stock. Nothing voodoo about that. I guess a fairly bad analogy would be a basic cartridge opposed to a more top of the line one--better materials, modified or all out design.