Do expensive ethernet cables improve sound quality?

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This can of worms might be ugly...but I'm curious - like the cable brand.

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Sorry, I got your name wrong last time.

What about amplifiers and CD players with inbuilt power cords? (non-removable power cords that go directly to the board and are connected to a power transformer inside the unit.

Are these defective? Should we pull out these stock cords and solder power cables from the cable manufacturer of your choice?
According to bill low, yes ethernet cables make an audible difference.  He has some in his audioquest catalog, and they're very expensive, but they're very good! So he says to take money.

a kettle power cord can heat your cockles, crank your engine or power your vibrator. When you ask it to shield RFI/EMI or ground level noise it is as useful as a solar panel on a submerged submarine, whether plugged into an IEC connector or directly tethered to a transformer.

The same applies to a poorly shielded ethernet cable of non spec inductance.

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Did not read previous posts but will pass on what I was told.
Buy Cat 7 and buy from a commercial manufacturer not
one selling just to audiophiles. Better quality I am told.
Probably cheaper too.