Do denon dv-2900's have a hi-temp problem?

My dv-2900 has been a great player impressive for analog multi-channel, 2channel cd, and fantastic picture on dvds'
however - more often now it is in a cabinet after about 2 hours or so - it has playback seizures; sound and pic freezes/jumps, ect.
What can be done to fix this problem ?
should I scrap it ?
I have a 5910ci and I moved to another shelf to give it more room to breathe. It is the hottest component I have in my system. Hotter than my MX135 pre-pro or 402 amp.
Sometimes I wonder if I will open the drawer and need a spatula to get the disc out:)
Addy to Theo, while my Denon DV-5910 is working flawlessly, it is on the other hand, thermally hot as an oven as well; much hotter than my Anthem pre/pro and amp. After hours of playing, it is a burner, literally. But it sounds good though.
Nasaman, how well vented is the Denon?
The '5910 draws what.....maybe 50 or 60 watts? Shouldn't cook, even if it does get warm, as long as it is not confined.

Cook it = Kill it sooner or later.
The 5910 is sitting open space in front of me. The most heat it generates is the surrounding on top of the transformer and while I can still touch the chassis or put my face agaisnt it, well, let it play few hours and my face just gets hotter and hotter from seatting in fornt of it or walk toward it.
It can't be the heat from the Anthem pre/pro and amp because I'm now using Jeff Rowland class-D model 102 and their little Capri preamp, both generate VERY little of heat or even any heat at all especially the preamp Capri.
The Denon 5910 is 42 lbs and very well built, I'm sure it was designed to run at that temp but in Texas, any thing runs "greener" is better ...
I own a Denon 5900 that does get warm and I did own a 3910 which was midified by APL with a tube and ir did get very warm.
I would take the top off when playing for extended periods.