Do Dacs have error correction?

If part of a digital signal is lost or corrupted by the cable between a CD player and a DAC does the DAC perform a redundancy check on the data and ask the CD player to resend it?

This is to settle yet another cable arguement, I think it does not as there is no outbound connection to the CD player from the DAC. I believe the CD player just sends a constant stream of data and if any data is lost or corrupted by a dodgy cable then it is lost.

Thanks in advance
Yes, DACs have error correction. No, it is not the kind of ACK/NACK dialog you might find in a network, etc. where you might get a retransmit message. Think bitstream, a whole lotta bits coming down a one-way chute.

The kind and amount of error correction can also vary based upon brand & unit and obviously the chip(s) used in that unit. There is not a single universal implementation by all manufacturers, so there isn't a single simple answer to how much signal loss or dropout has to be detected before your DAC will mute or error out or do whatever it does for a bad signal. Some units may be able to handle a loss of 10ms of bitstream, some 100ms or more. And remember that the same basic technology for CDs in home high-end sets is used in auto and portable CD players, which also have to deal with physical jarring and loss of bitstream from the laser reader. Up to some point, buffers and interpolation can approximate quite a few missing bits and that is a form of error correction too.
If you are wondering how much signal correction is needed..
Connect your output via the cable to your computer. upload a disc to the harddrive with Exact Audio Copy or some such program.
The program TELLS you how much error is being fixed.
And believe me there is next to no error on a clean standard disc with ANY cable.
Some other programs out there probably can also tell you the information you want.

Yes - DACs have error correction. As Mr hosehead points out;
it's not the type where an error causes a retransmittal of the

No - the CD uses Reed-Solomon encoding. That is there are
extra bits in the signal that are derived from the data on the
CD and used to detect and correct errors.

Dr. Gregory Greenman