Do Costly XLR Cables Make A Difference?

Serious question here. I currently own a rather good XLR cable that goes between the amp and DAC. I’m considering a better XLR cable to improve things, basically all the good aspects of sound reproduction such as deeper and more defined bass, better separation and detail across the frequency spectrum and an airier and more 3-dimensional sound in the midrange and treble. Will a different XLR cable supposedly one that’s costlier bring me to that direction?

My current XLR cable costs about $2k actual price paid.

I’m looking at an alternative pair up to about $2k perhaps $3k tops if it is proven that the cable is able to bring a noticeable or worthwhile if not significant difference. I am actually looking at the Wireworld Silver Eclipse 8 and Gold Eclipse 8 XLR.

Any experience would be appreciated. 




Maybe is the only answer. Sadly there are a whole lot of “salesman” out there and prices are not necessarily a measure of value in cables.  See what the Cable Company has that you might want to try.

All the best.

audioquest Dragon XLR might be worth considering.

audioquest Dragon XLR


Not only is Dragon the best interconnect audioquest has ever made, it’s quite possibly the best the world has ever seen or heard.

With its ultimate combination of world-class materials and cutting-edge Noise-Dissipation technologies, Dragon comes as close as presently possible to AudioQuest’s sonic ideal — completely invisible cable. It features Solid Perfect-Surface Silver (PSS) conductors, ZERO-Tech, FEP Air-Tube insulation, Silver-Plated RF-Draining Barrels, and Level-7 Noise-Dissipation in which even the shield-drains are 100% PSS.


What you failed to mention which is far more important to the end result is What dac are you using ? I would hope at least $5k+  if you are willing to spend $2-3k on interconnects ,much much more important to say buy the latest Best Buy 

Holosprings May KTE dac, or Denafrips terminator2  or + mordel 12 th anniversary.

I own a couple of XLR’s from Cerious Technologies. They sound different than my previous cables from Cardas. I liked them and kept them.