Do connection/contact solutions work or not?


I've often heard that contact formulas such as the 1 Audience supplies with its interconnects improve on the signal being passed as well as protecting against oxidation etc. Any suggestions or observations on this subject are welcome. If using one, what is recommended? I've tried Pro Gold. Can't hear any sonic improvement.
the right ones like pro gold work, they keep the sound from degrading not improving it.
I like kontak. It does improve the sound-sometimes its not so subtle. If you have tubes, apply it to the pins and sockets. (With the power off!)

Works with all signal and speaker cables.
I would agree with Larry. The purpose is to remove and/or prevent oxidation. If the contact is already clean, it doesn't "improve" sound; rather it prevents it from deteriorating. If the contact is dirty, it "improves" the contact in the sense that it restores it to a clean state.
Thanks for the good answers. Preventative maintenance is always good.
The BIG THING is to not use too much!
Whatever kind is used apply only enough to coat the surfaces. Usually wipe off any that will come off with a dry paper towel (Viva towels do not scratch)
The coating only needs (and should be) a few microns thick!
Too much is what degrades the sound after awhile. (a really big problem with too much Tweek)
Also, if you use it on male interconnects, a Q-Tip works wonders to slip into the slot between the pin and socket wall. (You may have to flatten the Q-Tip or remove some of the fiber)
(I have used Tweek, I now use ProGold)
I use a product called STABILANT 22A; which is an electrical contact enhancer. It has been around for a long time and is used heavily in the electronics industry. I own a 20 year old media duplication and media editing company; and have used it extensively in our three studios. Works great and dosen't leave a film or get sticky. Also used in my mostly McIntosh and JM Lab audio systems at home too.