Do CJ's amps project a "V" shaped soundstage?

Anybody ever heard this? I have 11A amp running AP Virgo speakers. Great imaging between the speakers- and deep; but nothing beyond the outside boundaries of the speakers.
premier 12's or premier 8's definitely don't have this V shaped imaging your describing.
I don't know what your past experience has been in your set up, however much of the sound which you hear coming from beyond the outside borders of your speakers is the result of out of phase info from/in the recordings itself. In phase information, upon which stereo imaging in based, only occurs between the speakers. That is not to say that the amp does not contribute to the size (HxDxW) of the sound stage, it does, but just between the speakers. Have you played discs that are known for the quality of their soundstage? A lot of disc's have a small central image with little sound from the far left and right in the rear of the soundstage.
I disagree ... the deeper you get your soundstage, the wider it gets at the rear ... imaging "beyond" the speaker (which is really a line drawn from the listening position thru the speaker) to the rear and outside. At least this is what I have found in my system ...

Different components/cables etc will image more forward or deeper, affecting the above. Not sure where the CJ or your other components or speakers image.
Jkphoto, Perhaps the question or my answer was ambiguous. I assumed that he truly meant "beyond the outside boundries" of his speakers which would have included information coming from the outside of the speaker on the plane of the speakers. I suspect we do not really disagree.

For the sake of discussion, assume a triangle configuration with the listening position at the apex of the triangle and the speakers placed on the sides of the triangle so that a line from the listening position passes thru the speaker and extends to the wall behind the speaker. All of the sounds to the right of this line, all the way back to the wall, are the result of in-phase stereo imformation on the recording. The only sound you will hear coming from the left of this speaker (on the line all the way back to the wall) will be the result of out of phase information on the recording.

The point of passing on this info to the poster was to illustrate that the recording plays the major role in the creation of the soundstage, so that he does not needlessly condemn his amp or associated components, including cabling, until he has listened to a reference recording.
I think that CJ's project more of a "C" shaped soundstage or is it a "J" shape I can't remember? Anyway, if you really want a "V" shaped sound stage you may need to audition something like Vandersteen, Viola or maybe even Velodyne? I would also recommend Valhalla cabling!

I don't think you could lose with this combination :^)
how do you have your virgo's setup? Did you use the recommended positioning here?

Room interaction can also effect this. Some treatments might be appropriate...slap echo's can kill some imaging.

What is upstream of your amp and speakers? Sources contribute here...including the way the music was recorded. I don't here ton's of info outside my speakers...but occasionally I do, depends on the recording...
Sorry for not being clear. By beyond i meant "to the right of the right speaker", and "the left of the left speaker". This is coming from old Spica's. eg. You could hear a symbol about two feet to the left of and above the left speaker and it was kinda cool. My current Virgo's do have a deeper stage and can be placed further apart-so in reality the stage is bigger. I have my speakers placed as the AP site recommends and hear nothing beyond the right side of the right speaker, etc. I change my electronics and speakers at the same time. So I am curious. A dealer suggested it was a trait of the CJ tube amp. I was running the Spica's with SS.