Do Cartridges just fail?

I have a VPI HW-19 MK-3, ET-2 tonearm and an Audioquest B-200 cartridge. All have been working perfectly. Tonight I throw on an album and all I get is one channel. Switched out all the leads and eliminated everything but the cartridge. Seems like a broken wire between the cartridge and the output jacks, but they all appear OK. Can the cartridge just fail in one channel? Any help is apprciated.

Looks like CDs for tonight!

From your description it sounds like you did not switch the leads at the cartridge. This would tell you if it is the cartridge or the wires from the cartridge to the output jack. These wires are very small and could easily break.
I agree that the cartridge is the place to look...the leads that is. The small little leads do become loose to the point that they will not make contact. Use a tester to verify contact through the path. The cartridge usually will degrade with mistracking when the suspension begins to fail. Suspension will wear out with time and doesn't need use to wear out. More than 5 years and you are on borrowed time. The ET2 arm uses very small wires and they break easily. Check the box with the RCA's and see that there are no cold solder joints. Jallen
I have determined the problem to be a broken wire(s) running from the cartridge to the jack. Now to find and replace the culprit! Anyone know about this? Where do I find this kind of wire?

OK, Nevermind. Found the loose wire, now all is well in turntable land once again. Thanks for the help guys!