Do better jumpers or biwiring improve Summits

I recently purchased Martin Logan Summits and love them. I am using single wire Tara Labs Air 1 speaker cable and supplied jumpers. I would appreciate it if other Martin Logan owners would share experience with me regarding changing the jumpers or biwiring. Thanks
Also listening in here to actual owners who have tried.My guess would be better wire with better jumpers would be more usefull than cost of bi-wire set since your not bi-wirring a full range panel and a sub not two drivers carrying lower mid or upper bass.But I may be wrong hereso eagerly await answer.Have heard nothing but raves on new ELS's and thinkign if I give up horn and tubes might get a pair myself.
Own the Summits, it's better to remove the stock jumpers and sure a Tara Air jumper instead.

Biwiring will yield little sonic improvement, if any. Maybe placebo, but nothing genuine in my book.

I have owned the Summits and have biwired them as well as single run and jumpers.

In my experience I agree with Joey_v. Perhaps it has to do with the bass now being driven by the ICE modules, however biwiring didn't yield any improvement to my ears.

However, in the past, biwiring Martin Logan SL3's yielded a very noticable improvement.

Best of luck.