Do BAT preamps run HOT?

I am auditioning the new BAT VK52se preamp. I noticed that the preamp get VERY hot (I cant put my hand on it for more than 10 seconds). Is this normal?
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think of it this way...the more tubes in an enclosed casework the warmer it will become.

Yes. All BAT gear runs pretty hot. My VK 51SE is the same...

So, how does the 52SE sound???
They run extremely hot. From my experience, this is normal. I have a VK-51SE and originally placed it on the bottom shelf of my rack. After a few days, the left channel was not playing. After I checked that all the tubes were working, I placed it on the top shelf to give it more ventilation. I have never had a problem since. Even with all that ventilation, I would not be able to place my hand on the top of the unit for more than 10 seconds. Since the 52SE also uses the 6H30s, I would think it would run very hot as well.

Please let me know how you like the 52SE. I am considering upgrading. Have you also tried the Audio Research REf 3? I believe it is the same price and has received a great deal of praise on this site.
I just went over and tested my BAT VK-50SE. The top plate has a large center section (maybe 75%) where many ventilation slots have been machined. Of course, this is right above the 8 x 6H30 valves, so this is where the heat is generated.

If I put my hand on the solid plate area outside the ventilation area, the metal is only slightly warm. On the ventilated area, the metal is much hotter - particularly towards the rear of the case. But I can put my hand on this area for some time - it's not so uncomfortably hot that I have to remove my hand.

Mine is on the lower shelf of a two shelf PolyCrystal rack, but there is a big gap (9 inches) between the amp and the top shelf where the CD player is.

Over the 5 years that I've had this setup, the warmth reaching the top (heavy duty) PolyCrystal shelf and the weight of the Sony XA777ES has caused the shelf to bow somewhat. Had I known that this would happen, I probably would have put the preamp on the top shelf.

I'd also like to know what you thought of the 52SE.

You'll find that after the callous' build up you'll be able to rest your hand on it for much longer than 10 seconds. :)

Yes, it's normal.

I'm expecting my VK-32SE in this week for an audition. I can't wait.
Thanks everyone. I will let you know how the 52 sounds after it breaks in a bit.