Do Audiophiles blow speakers?

Ok so I am bored and curious, I have never and probably never will over-drive an amp or blow speakers....but I want to know if this happens with trained listeners or is mostly done by the masses of listeners who dont care about critical listening?
I know that lack of amp power usually blows a speaker, I just thought some stories would make for good reading.
My history of abuse:

Blew both woofers on a pair of Rogers LS3/5A's with a Quatre 250C.

Blew both woofers on a pair of Vandersteen IIA's with a pair of PS Audio IIc bridged monoblocks.

Blew a friend's AR-3A midrange with a Sansui AU-11000.

Cooked both tweeters on JBL L-166's with a Hafler XL-600.

Wasted 3 midrange drivers and 3 tweeters over the course of 7 years while owning Thiel CS3.6's with Krell's KSA-150 and MDA-300.

Sent a Wilson Watt 3 woofer to the cemetary with a Spectral DMA-180.

Arc'ed an E-stat panel to an early grave with a Krell FPB-600.

I don't think lack of amp power was a problem in any of these cases. Haven't blown anything on my B&W N801's yet, but tomorrow is another day.

Kids, loudness kills, so play it safe and buy a 2A3 SET amp.
I guess that critical listening is when you drive your system to a critical level of loudness ...

Fried a tweeter in my Forrests with VTL MB100 and Nikko Alpha400 in biamped setup.
Only when we change interconnects or speaker wires with the amp on.
I tend to listen to concert DVDs at "realistic" listening levels. Using a Marantz SR-18 receiver I've blown the bass driver on a pair of Alon IVs. The cones just became seperated, so not really a blow-out. I've also rattled the cabinets loose on a pair of Klipsch KLF-30s. The 30s were known for having faulty cabinets, so I'm not sure these were my fault either. Some criticize others for listening to music at higher volumes. But, just as personal preferences vary between speakers (ex: some love Klipsch, other despise them) so do preferences for listening levels.
Tafka steve, remind me not to invite you over -- you seem to have some pretty bad luck ;-)

I have blown my woofers (big Montana WAS 15") twice! Once was because straight dc went into them (there are no caps in my signal path) when a power relay went bad. The other time was volume related! Oh well. I had a blast and now know how to replace speaker components.
>>I guess that critical listening is when you drive your system to a critical level of loudness .<<

I hope you're kidding.
I'm guilty too of frying 1 tweeter in my Green Mountain 3-way floorstanders. These are 1st order xover speakers & a lot of energy leaks into each driver. I was trying to break them in but about 40 hrs of loud music (atleast 95dB SPL sitting 9 ft away. I was NOT listening, of course!), 1 tweeter just stopped working altogether! :-)
Well, I certainly learned what the limit these speakers is & certainly respect the fact that 1st-order xover speakers cannot be played too loud for too long.
I don't swing that way but I bear no ill will toward those who do.

((Sorry,someone had to say it.))
lmao, oh well atleast this got members talking, my wife wanted to see what it was like to blow a soeaker, biy that 12 inch woofer looked pretty funny in her mouth...ooooops
lmao, oh well atleast this got members talking, my wife wanted to see what it was like to blow a speaker, boy that 12 inch woofer looked pretty funny in her mouth...ooooops
Chadnliz, you werent playing Aerosmith's "Big 10 Inch" at the time by any chance, were you?
Yes. You don't want to know the list of issues.
I have been known to use such a technique for popping dented soft dome tweeters. What can I say, I love my system.
I will NEVER blow my speakers, I love them too much and they respect me for it !! HA !!!!!!!!!
I have noted all of your names and will never buy used speakers from you.
Blew up the crossovers on my Martin Logan Quest Z's, and totally fried the woofers on a pair of Spica Angelus. In both cases I was having a party and let others control the volume. Live and learn, I haven't let anyone touch my system in 10 years.
I Once blew the tweeters in a pair of Cerwin Vegas with an NAD 3020 amp when I was in high school.

I also bottomed the woofers hard (CRACK!) in a pair of Paradigm Studio Monitors with an Adcom 5800 four years ago. The woofers were undamaged though, and the speakers are still in service.
I left my tube amp on in the morning because i was going to listen later, left the house and came back an hour later to hear a very loud hum before i even opened the door! One tube went bad, caused a low freq hum in the right channel, and took out a woofer on my 1 month old speakers! My tenants upstairs thought a spacecraft was in my living room!
I never have but my son destroyed three of the four woofers in a pair of Paradigm 9SEmkIIIs a few years ago (damn that rap music). The Paradigms were one of my earliest forays into quality speakers. I replaced the drivers with look alikes from MCM and gave the speakers to my son. He still listens to them. I replaced the speakers with Thiel CS1.5s.
When someone asks about a damaged speaker I know what blown voice coils sound and feel like.
Hmmm, I better knock on wood I guess!
Ask this on the Washington D.C. interns forum for additional input.

Some of those young interns also say the "political powerful" in Washington are very hard on books.

Guess they were talking about books, the complaints were concerning "bending over the pages".
Spica Angelus woofers tweeters got tired of replacing them their Great speakers but just can't play loud enough for me.
Interesting story my friend had a party his Cerwin Vega woofers got totally trashed when someone pushed the 10 db gain button on the preamp, was already 100 decibels already.
i guess if your speakers are soundind sweet it's just natural to want to make them louder. it is for me and i have blown my celestion impact 25 woofers with my ps audio hca amp last year . then the following year blew the tweeters then now again the woofers.gets expensive replacing them . not sure how iam doing it since my amp has plenty of current & i don't hear distortion cause we all know how crappy distortion sounds.and it just makes you want to lower your preamp to get rid of it . but in my case i started hearing a rumbling sound in my woofer one morning then realized something was wrong then before i could replace it the other woofer in the other speaker started having a worse rumble than the other one.then i realized i damaged i guess the voice coils or the diaphrams in them and at this point am looking to get new speakers all the last 6 months i blew my car jl audio sub woofer by blowing the voice coil with a ppi 400 watt ampin guess i pushed it a tad over its rating no one i talked to has heard oif blowing a jl audio sub with a ppi amp but i did.150.00 for repair or 160 for a new speaker that's a no brainer. i guess i really need to chill on the volume but i want it louder.i have a power amp rated at 225 wpc ps amp and an m&k mx 105 sub and still doesn't seem tyo play loud enough for me so i keep blowing my speakers .maybe i am buying speakers with to small a woofer in them . 8 inch woofers should be ample right! this is getting old and at this point i am so frustrated with it i feel like selling everthing i bought and just get some good headphones.not sure why i am writing this crap i already know what i need to do just play my music softer but hell thats weak.enjoy.
Easy Bassman99 easy. It's the weekend. Head on over to the loudest band in town tonight and hang out by the monitors. You'll feel much better till the morning, anyway. Just kidding! Don't do it. Your ears will thank you.
You can if you are not careful, broke leadout wire to a KEF B139 Woofer. Had to repair it by unwinding part of the voice coil. I think I was playing Beethovens Victory Symphony, the one with all the cannons and muskets, on an LP as well.Regards Anthony.
I've blown both the protective resistors on my Wilson's accidentally before xmas by getting off the sofa with a remote and a cd case in my hand, not noticing that my finger was being pressed against the volume up button. By the time I had realised, both tweeters now do not work......should be fixed on Friday.....
That is the beauty of Wilson will blow a resistor and probably never a driver. should be able to change the resistor yourself. It takes all of 30 seconds and they are included in the kit that comes with your speakers.
Nope sorry Oneobgyn, the resistors were intact and both tweeters have been blown :-(

Chap has prders two new tweeter from Provo, but since most of them will be at CES, it may take a while.......I still have demo cabling but I can't use them!
Simply put

I am amazed.
I have blown countless speakers over the years and proud of it too!

It seems to be a regular hazard for someone who spends countless hours listening to music and has multi-room setup. I admit that a couple of times it was not me - once the kids and another time when someone turned it up too loud at a party....a crowd of people absorb sound (so does the beer!) and make you need higher SPL's then listening alone....sometimes higher than the system can handle ..tweeters seem to go most often but I have blown woofers too.

Fortunately over time I have migrated away from consumer gear to pro gear and professionals are pretty hard on their gear and often require it is pretty simple and inexpensive to have the drivers re-coned or order replacement tweeters if those get over driven and burnt....I have done this on three separate occasions over the past 10 years.

It sounds like you are a demanding user.

Consumer audiophile gear is designed to sound good at reasonable sound levels and not specifically designed to be played at extremely high levels for long periods (coils heat up and fail). Also an 8 inch woofer is never likely to play extremely loud as it simply doesn't move enough air ....why else do rock concerts feature rows and stacks of many 12" and 15" woofers.

Also note that as a coil heats up - its impedance rises and this leads to audio compression => as speakers heat up they actually start to play less loud....this may cause a user to crank up the volume more to compensate for the lower SPL output...eventually leading to higher temperatures and eventual damage/failure....a vicious circle.

My suggestion would be to go for pro gear - like they use in high end night clubs or recording studios - these speakers will be big rather than esthetic but they will have more expensive magnet designs for reliable high SPL's with less compression ....big woofers for high SPL's and big magnets that dissipate all the heat generated.

Another option may be to go for speakers with circuit protection or an amplifier with a soft clipping circuit....but if you like loud crystal clear sound then pro gear is probably your best bet.
i blew a couple of drivers of my ap libra's running pse studio v mono blocks... much to my surprise they didnt have enough current ( pse studio v's are pretty good in regards to current,however the libra's are pretty inefficent- 85-86 db @ 4 ohms...)

i changed the pse for classe cam 350 monos and never blew another driver and i listen to pretty stupid levels sometimes (when the wife isnt home..::)

also, never blew a driver in the car system either (balanced eclipse deck, zapco monos blocks on the comp. speakers and jl 500/1 on the subs, dynaudio seperates and image dynamic subs)
Audiophiles do not blow speakers when sober.
Audiophiles do not blow speakers when sober.

Untrue. I blew up both 8" drivers and half the midrange drivers in a pair of Totem Wind. The preamp I was using shorted, and sent unattenuated white noise at full gain to the amp, which faithfully reproduced it at full blast and fed it to the speakers. KABOOM! Actually, it sounded more like WONK!SCHNORK!POP!scufflescufflescuffle!

FWIW, the amplifier was totally unharmed

You, Sir, did not blow up your speakers.

Your faulty preamp blew up your speakers.

I stand by my position that audiophiles, when sober, do not blow up speakers.
I was stone cold sober when I blew mine up CW.

It makes me wish I was otherwise, especially when I get the bill, but 'twas not so.

Despite my veiled confession, I do think that clipping blows speakers more than volume, absolute power or intoxication.

Relative to your speakers, could your amp be a bit underpowered?
I think the Krell puts out about 150 w/ch into 8 ohms, doubling into 4 - I don't think it should be underpowered really. I hoping to keep it for rear duty and have a similar kind of power amp / amps to drive them in the future - so I hope not!

Your suggestion of clipping would explain why the resistors didn't blow, but the tweeters did however.......would you agree?
OK, my turn-
Over the holidays I had friends and family over, all respectable people. I even managed to avoid my wifes friend, the one with the two evil boys. Evil 6 year olds break things.
I ran upstairs, came down to no music. My obviously mentally challenged friend, who for some unknown, illogical, complete lack of sense of reasoning, decided to get his dumb self of the sofa and push into the mid range driver of my Gershmans. He said he was "curious." There is now a lovely crease where no crease belongs. Now, is this coincidence, but the tweeter stopped working on the OTHER speaker, at the SAME time. What else did he do? I don't want to know.
I am nearly heart broken.
O.K., this can be repaired, but the sheer stupidity is truly frightening. How can he not forget to breathe? I wonder if "curiosity" will lead him to wonder what will happen if he shoves his head in a meat grinder. It's been two weeks and I've yet to speak to him.
So, to Gershman-land the speakers go for some R&R and a therapist for me.Or my friend.
Fotis, with any luck your friend may see what happens in the meat grinder :)

I noticed you still called him a friend. If someone did that to my speakers he would have gotten a free trip on "boot airlines" right out the front door.

Good luck with the therapy. Currently both my systems are down and I've been spending most of my time in the fetal position.
Yes, Celestion Mod. 3 old audiophile fav. I don't know why just figure hooking up with amp stupidly left on. Would anybody know where I could get replacement drivers for this model anyway??? Thanx a lot Jack
Audiophile for 40 years.
NEVER have I blown a speaker, or an amp (though I did once blow a fuse on my amp from fiddling with the wires.
I used to play LOUD music.
I always had good quality amps and speakers.
Blown a speaker?
I once gave a great speech in high school english class, but no one seemed to find it THAT good..........
sorry- couln't help myself.

Well, if Fotis_k is gonna get all off-topicky on us, I guess I'll just have to add this one:

A penguin was driving through Arizona on a hot, summer Sunday when he noticed his oil light was on. He got out of the car and, sure enough, it was leaking oil all over the road.

The penguin drove around the corner to a service station and asked the mechanic to take a look at it. The mechanic said he had a few others to look at first but if he came back in an hour he could tell the penguin what was wrong with his car. The penguin agreed and went for a walk.

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The mechanic replied, "It looks like you've blown a seal." "No no," said the penguin. "It's just ice cream."
What, you think audiophiles are too smart to blow speakers?

hmmmm...too smart... these are the folks that will spend $3000 on interconnects... or will write on their CDs with green pens to realign the bits ....

I once blew about 8 drivers in one day - decided to hook up a bunch of small paper cone cheapo drivers to my sears silvertone tube amplifer - cranked up my fender strat - jammed away and heard the most beautiful distortion - before every driver failed one by one...

But of course I was not yet an audiophile in high school - so I guess that does not count.
nope...only money
I kept playing a the roar of a T-Rex(from a Telarc CD)over and over while increasing the volume each time on my 802's. A new tweeter was $110.
Back when I was into car audio...
I took the stock speaker out of the door. I hooked it up to my 500 watt soundstream amp and turned the volume all the way up and played a 60hz test tone. It was really cool sounded like a model airplane. the speaker jumped around and started to smoke that is before it melted. The second one just went POP! the third one jumped around and then quit no smoke :( The forth one had a meeting with a screwdriver.

I also took an extension cord that got run over by a lawn mower and hooked it up to my car sub that wasn't in a box. Plugged it in got some serious excursion out of the speaker! I don't think it blew. I really can't remember. So I don’t know if that one counts.