Do Audiophile Cables Matter? Here's PROOF!

I seriously doubt that this will make any difference to the naysayers. But here it is.
I've noticed a statistically significant difference in the 2 cable camps:

1. naysayers are almost always engineers, either professionally or via years of hands-on experience in labs, studios, etc.  They understand intrinsically the scientific method as well as bias.  They can also read scopes.

2..  "audiophile cable" supporters are rarely technical and have no formal training in engineering or the technical sciences, e.g., doctors, lawyers, accountants, business persons, and other generally hard workers that didn't have to go thru the pain of 30-page-long mathematics equations.  They may be able to argue the merits of any amendment or perform a cardiac bypass but you ask them to program the clock on a VCR and you've essentially found their kryptonite.
Jason, your powers of observation seem to be severely lacking if you believe that to be true. Obviously you are in your own camp two with your ability to observe. There could be another camp you missed.. Those ones look at things they can’t afford like lambos, and decide they have no redeeming value, not because of any scientific reasoning, only because they want to justify not spending. I suppose you could go on and on based on what one or two people claim or Dosnt claim, or make up categories based on your own apparent bias. Anyone reading just this thread  will see many disaparities  in your statement.Mb which is why most people who don’t deny there are differences will say you just have to listen. And because one cable works well in one system is not a guarantee it will match well and sound as good with a different set of components. 
... naysayers are almost always engineers, either professionally or via years of hands-on experience in labs, studios, etc. They understand intrinsically the scientific method as well as bias. They can also read scopes ...
You might want to read more carefully. While many cable deniers claim to be engineers, their renderings here often reveal that they’re not. And many who clamor for scientific double-blind testing, for example, are often exposed here as having no idea about how such testing is properly conducted. Unable to control their anger, some have even been banned from the group.

I think you are mistaken to believe that anyone can "understand intrinsically" scientific method and bias. Knowing how to implement the scientific method is not intrinsic at all, but a learned skill. Part of that skill is understanding the many ways in which research can be compromised, regardless of the diligence of the scientist. It is very easy to get things wrong, it takes a lot of vigilance to get things right.


The common denominator between the naysayer and the cables afficionados are for Jason their relation to numbers mesurements, positive for the naysayers, negative for the audiophile snake oil buyers... Simple measurement dont tell all the story... Life is not so easy my friend....

This is ridiculously simplistic, sorry...

The cables problem is also linked to individual listening experience history, and to some audio system particular characteristics with too much parameters involved and non linearly measurable like room acoustics, mechanical resonance problems, and the general noise floor of the house and of the audio system...

«Science is too much difficult to be understood by scientists only» -Groucho Marx

« We need balls and heart and not only brain» -Harpo Marx

« History of science IS Science» - Goethe (uppercases are mine)
I was raised on Julian Hirsch "wire is wire", absolutely convinced for a good 20 years that my freebie patch cords were as good as it gets. Until one day I brought one of my freebie patch cords into a store and the owner let me compare side by side with something from XLO costing about $75. Which to me at the time seemed an absolutely insane amount of money.  

After listening to his very fine rig with the XLO I paused the player and plugged in my patch cord.  

Instantly it sounded like I had broken his stereo. It sounded just awful. I was convinced it was going to be hard to hear any difference and there I was not even making it back to the chair and the difference was hitting me upside the head like a two by four. 

Anyone who's listening skills are so dismal and their brain so defective they still want to argue this, they simply need to find another hobby. Because they suck at this one!