Do Audiophile Cables Matter? Here's PROOF!

I seriously doubt that this will make any difference to the naysayers. But here it is.
I can hear. That's all the proof I need.  

The best comment on the video: 

"we're not going to listen to it"... Literally the only test that actually matters for audio 

Mic drop.

It’s a waste of time to debate naysayers. It’s an excellent use of time to encourage newbies to try better cabling - and power conditioning.


I always laugh when a naysayer flaunts his pedigree as an EE. As if they know something these guys don’t.

Shunyata: started by Caelin Gabriel , U.S. military research scientist.

Purist Audio: started by Jim Aud, EE, U.S. military Avionics Sensor Systems Specialist

Bybee Technologies: started by Jack Bybee, Physicist

Silversmith Audio: started by Jeffrey Smith, BS, Engineering, MS, Defense and Strategic Studies

. . . and others.

Krissy Tetrault, antiques dealer. Just sayin'.
Sorry I dont hear any noise coming from my out side power towers ,my power line ,my electric outside connection ,my inside electronic panel.,my power amp ,my pre amp or phono stage ,or cart or speaker cable .Oh ! Wait I didn't turn my system on .....
Kejnit's taken up cables now?
I did like his video on Speaker burn in .On you tube it does make scents.
Are you still a naysayer if you've done your own tests but still don't hear a significant difference? Or are you just automatically considered deaf and tasteless?

I've tried Shunyata power cables, a $900 Shunyata power conditioner bar with the $250 Shunyata defender plug, various levels of Transparent interconnects,  various levels of Transparent speaker cables from multi-thousand dollar ones to their very basic 14ga wire ones.

I just don't get anything from all that. I'm certainly not going to claim that my various tests apply to anyone but me but I am certain that for me there is no need to drop big cash on cables.
 It’s an excellent use of time to encourage newbies to try better cabling - and power conditioning.
I intended to say this @steakster but got in a hurry. Good call.
How speaker wire performs as an antenna is PROOF that it makes a difference in sound quality when used as speaker wire?
Or the other way around,  I wonder how the DNM Reson IC wires I like that happen to look a lot  like 300 ohm FM antenna wire would work as an antenna?  Maybe they are the best!!!
OK so?  They may sound better or worse but how much improvement in sound or where are there improvements and how much do they cost?  Again for the 1000th time, caps, resistors AC filter chokes at 100th the price.

Happy Listening.
OH MAN!! there it is clear as a bell. On Youtube with myPC speakers I could hear the difference so clearly it was amazing. I am going to run right out and drop $$$ on hoodoo wires and all will be well.
It's like twisting wire creates some sort of filter for radio frequency. I wonder if I could patent that idea?? 
Too late, just when I stumbled on this scientific jewel, I stopped using antenae altogether.

How does the cable know which signal is noise and which one is soprano so it can filter the noise out?

Is there a reason that advertisement at the beginning of the video was for a Disney story?


I clicked on the link under the video and this is what I got...

"Your connection isn't private

Attackers might be trying to steal your information from (for example, passwords, messages, or credit cards)."

A pattern?
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So sad Nicola Tesla died before he invented the totally wireless transfer of electrical power. If he has discovered the way - no wires at all, now there's progress!
" wires at all, now there’s progress!"
If only all the cable gurus put their talent behind inventing better wireless instead of better-marketed cables...

Instead, we get "progress" with better wires. Thank goodness that people at Bose are more progressive than that.

By the way, Nikola. Not Nicola.
I was a naysayer big time. I've worked around electricity all my adult life. I was sure cables were snake oil.
When I got my amp back from being rebuilt they had installed a power cord receptical & a lite cord. I thought, what the the heck & bought a PS Audio power cord.  Our house keeper, my wife & I were in the room. We listened to a song then changed he cord out. Played the same song & we all could hear a big difference.
+ steakster 
agreed - waste of time to naysayers who refuse to look at it objectively likely driven by some sort of emotional resentment which entrenches them in their position.  Nothing is 100% so they often point to the very small minority disgruntled outliers and claim it represents the population as a whole.  They totally ignore the vast chorus of voices who have tried it out for themselves, disregard any professional engineers who are specialist in the audio cable field, thinking that their limited/personal/skewed experience represents reality for all.

I think it's wonderful that audiophiles support each other to help elevate our audio chain's performance.  I feel badly for those duped by the naysayers to not even try for themselves, placing an self imposed limiting restriction on elevating their audio quality/experience.
"They totally ignore the vast chorus of voices who have tried it out for themselves..."

Is there anyone on audiogon forum who has had only one cable in her/his life?

"...and claim it represents the population as a whole."

Population as a whole uses Bluetooth.
I haven’t even watched the YouTube video, and I can ALREADY hear the difference!


Waste Of money.
In my systems I never changed cables, they just existed like wheels on a car.  So I cannot say whether my existing cables are any good or not as I never made any comparisons.  I think I prefer this kind of situation rather than get obsessed and worried whether my cables are an asset or a hindrance to my system.  Maybe I am the living proof that 'ignorance is bliss' and feel I am healthier for it.....
Now I’s a market geared up to allow me to buy a really cheap system spend twice that amount over again on bogus...Bingo I’ve turned it into a really good system.
Just post a few signs to keep people from tripping over all the junk. 
And......if you wear a foil helmet the signal is even better!
The funny thing about cables is that even those who believe that they are critical to SQ have a threshold at which belief is suspended.

For some people, they are called naysayers apparently, the idea of $3000 speaker cables seems ridiculous.

Folks who are serious about cables will say that that's just the cost of entry into seriously tailored sound quality. 

But as often as not those same folks will balk when we start talking about $65,000 and $150,000 speaker cables. 

At what price point does it become snake oil. At what price point do the cable fans turn into naysayers?

n80,I guess your right it never stops.Its like a  drug addiction it never stops. Sometimes your Happy for a while then .The wicked cable addiction. Oh,well ....
I hooked up  a Nordost Frey II cable to my 65 Mac tuner and the music  now sounds as good as LP's.

I'm convinced.
Yup..sometimes you get what you pay for....I wish I had more pay!
One collects noise, the other filters it. Proof enough for me. 

Moral of the story: buy VH Audio CHeLA speaker cable.

Most people dont know how to isolate and controls vibrations, they dont know how the high noise of their electrical grid pollute their sound, and finally their acoustical passive controls room are minimals if they exist at all, and their active acoustical controls nil; and guess what they buy costly cables for "upgrading" their audio system....

Not only that but "scientists" comes here to prove to us that cables dont makes any difference, and some consumers vouch for their "own" miraculous cable choice....

Amid all this nobody think about the essentials....

Only 2 camps argue, the snake oil hunters and the faithfull customers of some brand.....

What a world!


« The only cable that matters connect you and me»-Groucho Marx
This was a really good explanation.  However, how much would a good speaker cable and interconnects cost?  
The only explanation I saw was twisted wire shields RF. You could take the cheap wire he used and braid it and it wouldn't be such a great antenna anymore. 
You are absolutely made no difference.
I expected a bit more from somebody with a globe of the earth in the shape of a square cube.

However, I do like their tube connector concept and I like that they use solid core copper wire and copper connectors.
The link does not work.
Lol, same video has been discussed before and the naysayers say it only shows the cable is a good antennae. N80, people don’t suspend their belief in cables maki g a difference because of price as you posted, they spend what their pocketbook allows. So you’re saying you cannot hear the difference between a 1k amp and 10k amp, or that you don’t believe a 100k amp would sound any better, because 5k is the limits of your budget? Or you wouldn’t desire a Lamborghini if you had the money over your Toyota Camry? The naysayers don’t use logic, because logic does not work in their favor. If you don’t hear a difference I’ve got no issue with that at all, wish I was you, as my pocket book would be far better off for it. I would prefer a 1k amp to sound like a 10k, etc etc, and same goes for cables. So why do the naysayers have to try so hard to convince people they’re hearing things, I haven’t tried to convince them that they don’t. I’ve never tried to demean anyone by saying they have hearing problems, it’s always them saying that we are the ones who say such things. I really haven’t seen that happen, and certainly not to the extent they are always so bent on convincing everyone that they are making up what they’re hearing. I do agree that many of them are so entrenched in their positions that they would never admit it if they do hear a difference, and most can’t even be bothered to listen, they avoid the subject and refer to measurements they claim disprove that there are any differences. It’s as if they don’t trust their own ears. 
And I see the usual suspects on this thread also, hey jones, lol
Many people do not desire a Lamborghini, regardless of the cost.

Unless it is a Marzal, of course.
I have no idea if I could hear a difference between a $1K amp and $10K amp until I heard them in a blind test. I trust my ears but not my eyes.
glubson, An Espada would be close.
@glupson, sorry about the link. It was to Transparent's $65,000 speaker cables.

@speedbump6, so you're saying that people who are into cables believe that $65,000 cables will make a significant difference over $10,000 cables and that the _ONLY_ reason they don't own $65,000 cables is simply because they can't afford them? Where is the logic in that?

Regardless, that axiom does not apply to me anyway. I've got $2000 worth of cables sitting in a pile and my speakers on generic 12ga homemades because I can't hear a difference and the big cables are ugly and hard to deal with. And $1500 worth of power 'filtering' equipment shipping out to an eBay buyer because it made no difference whatever to the SQ of my system.

I'm 57. My hearing isn't perfect. But I'm not deaf either. And I know what I like and for the most part how to get it.

And the car analogy isn't applicable really. If I need to haul my track car around on a trailer I drive my pick-up. When I get to the track I drive my track car. When I go on a trip we take my wife's nice manual transmission GT coupe. Apples and oranges. A Camry does a lot of things a Lambo can't and will probably do them a lot longer too.

So no need to pretend that you or anyone else has cornered the market on logic just because cables are important to you or that those of us who just don't get that experience are somehow bereft of logic. Because, well, that's not logical.

Good points.... Thanks n80

Check the Marzal out. It is not just another lowly Lamborghini. Mine was yellowish, but now I see that the real one was silverish. Mine was Matchbox. The real one is The One. Check it on youtube.
glubson, I'm familiar with all of the earlier Lambo's (my favorites) although not this one until you mentioned it. Pretty cool!! I looked it up and it seem's it conceped the Espada. I never saw that Marchbox car either, always having been a fan of the original Leslie cars. A store by me when young had the full showcase of them available, i was only fortunate to get a few back then.
Glupson, or maybe the nordst Odin, lolN80, why do you guys always take what was really said and turn it into something else. I never said anything of the sort. It’s possible for 
a 5 k speaker to beat a 20 k one, but funny how when we say that ( tekton) it’s a lot of you same guys who then Pooh Pooh that. I listen with my hears, not a piece of paper with measurements that others are trying their hardest to convince me are somehow relevant. So may keep asking for proof that there’s something different. Many listen, then part with their because BECAUSE they heard a difference, not to justify buying after the fact as a lot try to claim. I think the idea of someone who believes that someone proclaiming the greatness of a product they purchased would do that to justify their purchase is basically hogwash. I find most consumers are more quick to criticize if something doesn’t perform to their expectations, and are usually the more vocal group, than those who are happy with their purchase. Why would they be did what they expected it to do. So many people read reviews and do not understand this effect ( there are studies about reviews avaible) 

"...why do you guys always take what was really said and turn it into something else. I never said anything of the sort."

"Or you wouldn’t desire a Lamborghini if you had the money over your Toyota Camry?"
Why do you always pretend others did not understand what you wrote? No, I would not desire a Lamborghini even if I had Toyota Camry. No, I do not desire $65000 cables. I truly do not. Which does not mean that you should not desire, or acquire, them.

By the way, that longish post of yours was so poorly written that it became worrisome. No, it is not my comprehension.
No, it’s your comprehension, the problem becomes more notable on longer posts because more effort is required to follow them. And you did mention one lambo you desired. Odins are not 65k, unless maybe you mean an entire loom, or maybe extra long custom lengths, but that name was only picked as an example. N80 is the one I specified about changing what was said, but I guess you felt the need to show you had that ability also. 
I have also found people on the wrong end of a discussion( the ones who can actually see it at least) tend to suddenly become English teachers and talk about syntax, sentence structure, and spelling. If we were still in grade school ( I’m assuming not) and this were a test, I could fully understand.