Do Audionut Cable Elevators Work?? Opinions...

I am interested in Audionut Cable Elevators...
I like the appearance and would like to know any
supposed benefits of using them.
They would be for my tube system..
ARC ls 7
rega p3
sonic frontiers sfs 80
classe cdp3
clearaudio phono
mirage m5si speakers
wireworld silver eclipse ii cables....
I would be using them on the Wireworld Silver Eclipse II
Any idea where to get them for a reasonable price..
or any offers to sell...
Custom Audio LLC
People have made budget elevators from home depot products (tiles or something). You could do a search here or at AA, get the details, and perform an inexpensive test yourself.
Better yet is to hang cables in mid air and use a stress relief if needed (due to weight).

1" cotton ribbon works well for both applications (I stopped playing with army men 40 years ago).
You can always try something first. Get some styrofoam cups and carve a dip across the top lip, big enough to set your cable in. Fill the cups with sand or lead shot, lay your cable across the top. Looks like the aftermath of a cheap party, but would give you a chance to decide whether a more expensive product is worth it.
Cable elevators become a nuisance if your system is anywhere near a traffic area or if you have pets or children that will go into that room. For that matter, adults even trip over / knock these down unless you have a flashing neon light mounted next to them.

Having said that, Dekay's suggestion for air suspension would be the best so long as you can keep them away from the wall or support structure. Other than that, a very cheap source for these are available from Farm & Fleet or other stores that have commercial electrical supplies. What you are looking for are ceramic devices marketed at "cable hangers". These come in two sizes. The versions marketed by Audionut and a few others are the equivalent to the larger size. As such, you can probably find these at a lower price for each "support" and save shipping fees. For what they cost to try, it could be worthwhile. Especially if you have a dry house, carpeting and no kids or pets : ) Sean
Yes, they work, at least on cables running over carpet. There was an immediate and noticeable drop in noise. A set isn't that expensive, and is more attractive than most cheap fixes would be, but probably you can get equivalent results for much less.
I would avoid using anything that was a conductor or could carry static electricity. That rules out plastic, styrofoam, etc... Think along the lines of glass, ceramic, wood, etc.. If you want to "go for the gusto", suspended in the air would be the best. Sean
tennisballs actually work.
For power cords, yes. For audio signals, not as well as Rightway Audio, Inc. Suspendors. They are fabricated and "tuned" using a different ceramic composition than AudioNut's Cable Elevators. Talk with Wade Simonson if you want to find out more. Unfortunately, however, these cable towers and no longer made and NOT because they didn't work. As an entrepenuer, Wade decided to pursue other endeavors.