Do anyone have a pair of Monster M1000 cable?

I bought a pair of M1000 cable recently and since the cable doesn't have any label, I cannot tell whether it is M1000 or not. Can anybody help?

Thanks in advance......
Yes, I do.
I have the Original 1st Generation, as well as the 2nd Generation. Email me with your question.

Correction: There seems to be 3 generations of the Monster M1000i Interconnect Cable. I have the 2nd and 3rd generation.

2nd Generation: Gray jacket with the following lettering:
"Monster Cable. Interlink M1000-2.0 Sonic Reference Standard High Resolution Precision Wound "Total Bandwidth Balanced" Audion Interconnect Cable with MicroFiber. 1 Ft. Signal Flow ->"

3rd Generation: Charcoal-black jacket with silver-lettering: "M-Series. M1000i. Ultimate Performance 3-Way Bandwidth Balanced Time Correct Multi-Twist Audio Interconnect Cable with MicroFiber and PFX by Monster Cable. 1 ft. Signal Flow >>>"

Hope this helps.

I have the M1000 cable, just lying around now as a spare cable. Great cable for smoothing out edgy systems I have (3) .5 meter lengths. Sometimes in a pinch I use them for digital coaxial cables for sources like TV. I want to sell these at some point and buy some networked cables.

I will have to check with my friends at MIT cables but I think Bruce Brisson may have designed this cable before he left to start his own company.
I had it, and I preferred the 950i.
The m1000 are directional. If the tape with the directional arrows are missing than look on the cable lettering and make sure the lettering is running toward your pre amp or receiver . If you reading the lettering and it is going toward your amp that is right.