Do any still use an older high end tuner from the past?....

Things like the CT-7000 from Yamaha, other Marantz, Magnum, Fisher, Scott or any others.  It would be good for us "tuner people" to hear your experience with older, former SOTA tuners.  Thanks. 
There are lots of used tuners on the market, but in my opinion most are not worth over $100. Clearly there are exceptions.My experience is that the old Philips AH673 is a good tuner, once it has been refurbished and aligned. But the cost of a good refurb is several hundred dollars. A Magnum Dynalab MD90 tube is close, but it depends on what each tuner sells for. Check out my comments on Canuck Audio Mart tuner forum.
@frogman A belated reply to you long-ago question about the Museatex FMT Tuner, if you're still curious. I have one. I bought it about 20 years ago from a Sales Rep after Museatex stopped business, so had been rarely used, only shown, and treated with utmost care.

I've had several "audiophile" tuners over the years, and the FMT is one of them. I've been comparing just this week with my Tandberg 3001, and preferring the FMT. The sound is expansive, lush and "embraces" you. It's probably too "romantic", a coloration. The Tandberg, OTOH, is crisp and crystal clear, with loads of minute detail. I admire its accuracy but love the FMT's musicality (I don't like that word, but there it is). It's just more involving, and if the particular piece Music can sweep me away, the FMT only helps. I can listen to the FMT for longer periods with more pleasure... if the programs warrant it. Voices are so real they're (another cliché) in the room with you.

I haven't much to add technically because where I live, Los Angeles, the FM transmitters are only a few miles away, on mountaintops over a flat terrain, and signals are strong. It's laden with features I rarely use, such as 95 presets, two independent antenna inputs, micro-fine tuning... and more, but I have little expertise in Tuners.

I have the remote — I'm told only 20 or so were made — and it's handy but not a dealbreaker.

I share your enthusiasm for the brand. I'm using the 100W stereo power amp now. Again the sound is "luscious" but doesn't cloud the detail, nuance, the ambient sound of venues, and a broad and deep soundstage. I think it's better than the Meitner monoblocks, which I used to have, and have a more stellar reputation.

Not such a fan of the preamps though. I've had both, and the newer one was not an upgrade, IMO, the first was cleaner. But to my ears both sound a bit misty. I don't use either, except as a separate —

— power supply for the also-rare Phono Preamp, which I think is exceptional.

I hope this very small review is helpful, and sorry it's so late — I just didn't see your question till I idly googled the FMT the other day. But if I can help, of course just ask.

And if I'm doing something wrong with the preamps that lessens their performance, please advise me.

We had an AR (Acoustic Research) tuner come through the shop recently. It needed a new filter capacitor in the power supply, and one of the rectifiers was leaky so I changed both out. After that is spec'ced out quite nicely on the bench and pulled in weaker stations in town with no worries- better than I was expecting. I wasn't expecting much to be honest; the AR amplifier was a terrible beast so it was a nice surprise to see that the tuner was much more competent.
Ditto on the AR Amp. I have one in storage with my AR Tuner.

Separately, following up on my earlier post, I have since replaced my Emotiva UMC-1 with an Outlaw 975, and the 975's FM tuner section has clearly better reception than the UMC-1 using the same antenna setup (Magnum Dynalab ST2 whip into MD 205 Signal Sleuth).