Do any of your Rolling Stones recordings bring "Satisfaction"?

Before I became a snobby audiophile I loved the Rolling Stones.  But as my system grew and I discovered all kinds of sounds in recordings (CD as well as Vinyl) that I had never heard before and the openness and depth of soundstage that was a wonder, I never had that same Wow moment with the Stones recordings.  Actually the best sound I have found came from the Hot Rocks double LP.  Has anyone else had a better experience with their recordings?  Having gone through so many remasters, nothing seems to have changed.  Sticky Fingers should be something better than we get.  The opening riff of Brown Sugar has always seemed so muddy.  My rant, any thoughts?

"She’s So Cold" from Emotional Rescue is one of the more fun,straightforward, and finely polished Stone’s productions out there IMHO.  Maybe my favorite Stones track these days.
I have all the 2002 Stones Abkco SACD/Hybrids and the CD layer sounds ok. I guess I will have to buy a SACD Player to hear the difference on the SACD layer.
The album Black and Blue is outstanding. Sound quality is very good on cd and their lean towards raggae on their is nice twist. Notable tracs are “Hand of Fate”, “Hey Negrita”, “Hot Stuff.Another exceptional recording for them was Get your ya ya’s out. “Midnight Rambler” and “Sympathy” stand out, imo.
Harvey “The Snake” Mandel from early Canned Heat plays on Memory Hotel and Hot Stuff on Black and Blue. I know what some of you are thinking, “You mean one of the judges on America’s got Talent?”