Do any of you "meditate" on your music?

I'm convinced that music is perfect for meditation. The whole work of the meditation is in truly locating attention within the sound, gently relaxing into the music, noticing tones and textures, melodies, instruments, notes and all the rest. The meditating mind is one that learns to relax with the music, not straining to hear particular notes, just relaxing and allowing the mind to tune in. Increasingly simple attunement with the flowing, fluttering, singing, springing, dynamic, thumping music, has been my general approach. Unexpectedly, this frame of mind which might be known as a way of listening doesn't seem far off from what is practiced by some audiophiles, except that it moves away from much of what is critical. In this way, the music flows into the room and then it is received, simply, with relaxation. Critical reflection upon the music, which ancillary to listening, is gently set to the side. The practice of the preceding phrase is associated with building patience towards oneself.
I haven't considered it meditation, but when I can listen well, I do free my mind from thoughts.  That's when I know I have the hifi working the way it should!

I start every day with a Bach Cantata , a praise to God . 
In English this  piece is  (Awake, calls the voice to us )
Often played around Easter and the voice is that of God .
Immersing yourself in music is meditation.  
Sometimes I fall asleep listening to music. Does that count? 
Listening to music at home is not meditation but works similarly and achieves the same end result.
I just enjoy music too much to call my listening meditation.
I can't tell you how valuable it is for me to hear this diverse response.

I'm very appreciative of the example of Bach listening. Bach always has my respect, not to mention his heart. 

I'm interested in the essence of meditation, which I believe is what is: the real, with less mental comment. Thoughts endlessly create scenarios of division, discrimination, habitualizing, etc.  

In early 21st century, it would be rare to find someone who knows what it means to let go of "doing," for a few seconds, a few minutes. Non-doing, for periods of time, is truly listening to the music, or being with it.
Music is magic, in my view.

Truly relaxed, effortlessly interested attention, is very close to not doing. The effortless piece is right at the hub-nub of meditation, but here I'm nailing for a precise goal. That's likely a mistake. 

If, for decade after decade, a behavior can be strongly associated with "enjoyment," it has meditative quality, most certainly. 
Interesting topic thanks for bringing this one up.
Meditation with music works for me of course only on certain types of music.

One that works for me would be -
Miles Davis - In a Silent Way

One that wouldn’t work would be -
The Who - Who’s Next

I just enjoy music too much to call my listening meditation
Same here.
For true meditation, the only thing I might embrace is nature. Everything else is a potential distraction.
I’ve been listening to this or similar for about 20 years. Pretty well exclusively. (started moving in that direction, in my early teens)

Doing my best to stay away from anything with vocals in it. Classical, of course, is similar. No vocalizations. A key point in meditative practices.

Unless I'm testing gear for how it fits for the rest of the world. Then one has to go all over the place and use familiars with a more well known flavor. The usual suspects of recordings and artists.
You can   meditate in the quite of a church , in the hustle and bustle of a
New York street  , the beauty of the Adirondack mountains , lying in bed and even in in a fire-fight of battle . I have done all that . There is no limit .
What carries me is the ancient prayer of Orthodox Christianity , " Lord
Jesus , Son of God have Mercy on me , a sinner ."That's all that is needed . But it must come , not from your brain but from
your heart .And that will come if you  practice it  a thousand times a day or only with your dying breath .
And of course meditation can be just as effective without any religious affiliation. 
Some sound very carefully created for meditation can help....No classical or jazz will do for meditation except to help relaxation...

Meditation begins after relaxation...I look for sound near silence....For example gong music carefully crafted for that...OM or even christian mantra....And some other different and designed pieces I need to help me if I feel distress....Then therapeutic music being a rung over classical or jazz, even if some classical has therapeutic virtue for sure, is a particular area...

I use classical and jazz for decelerating or for accelerating the thinking process when already in good mood and in control of myself...

I use some sound design music specific for meditate and controlling and  nullifiying the thinking process...

And some other specifically rhythmically and melodically designed also to cure anguish, transforming any negative in positive...(With great success but only with some specific sounds).

Music is so powerful, but underestimated completely by medical establishment and educational institution, they class it a recreational activity only....( except for some very informed and experienced people in these same institution for sure)
if by meditate, you mean, relax, enjoy, kick back, listen to music, then YES!!

 nothing better after a hard day in the cold, or sun, coming home, showering, cracking a Molson, and pressing play on ,my stereo, entering another world to unwind before the sandman drifts me away, of course.

 I find nothing better than, relaxing on the couch, in my sweet spot of my speakers, pressing play on Dark angel, kreator, venom, napalm death, or jackson browne, sammy hagar, hirax, helstar, or whatever im in the mood that particular evening.

 I drift away to the music, have a couple cold ones, immerse myself in the music, and the days troubles, anxiety float away.

 so if by meditation, you mean relax, and forget the shi**y day i had, then yes, i meditate !

music is my escape from lifes unpleasantries.
Meditation deepens the escape we find in music, ime.
Been meditatiing for the past 3 days, since I picked up my new odyssey Kismet monos.
 There really is a break in, and it’s strange!

 No bass, to killer bass, a sound which feels like it’s sucking you in, to a sound which extends and engulfs you.

 Chunky midrange, to extended Dave mustaine guitar and Paul Gilbert, Malmsteen, wishbone ash, foghat.

past two n a half days has been pretty cool!
cant wait for another 350 hours to hear a difference.

been listening past few days.
 So cool, to hear a difference day after day.

 I love it.  These Kismet mono amps are amazing.


Sounds peaceful.