Do any of you fear dismantling your setups?

I know I do. In the past when my system has had time to play undisturbed for a period of time and finally hits its stride I do not want to mess with it. (particularly if it's sounding better than ever) I've already had the experience of disconnecting my system and mysteriously not being able to get it to sound the same again evn after it has time to settle in. I frequently read where other audiophiles move their systems to new dedicated rooms (which is a necessity), but I also read about guys who pull an amp out and take it over to a friends to setup in their system or pull a cdp cables etc. It seems audiophiles readily do this with no fear of any permanent affects it could have on the sonics of the system. I have had bad luck with pulling everything from speaker cables to power cords out. In one case, I re-inserted speaker cables I took out and never got the full mids and room shaking bass I had before. Do any of you fear tearing down your systems for whatever reason because of not being able to replicate the sonic performance you had before?
this is a phobia. don't worry about moving can even sound different depending on the time of day...its nothing to fret about.
I don't fear it, I am just lazy. I have been playing with speaker placement today though. I had changed nothing for several months, but today got a hair to move the speakers a little. Undecided if the difference is an improvement or decline, so I will listen for a while and decide.
What a coincedent, tore mine down today and moved it into new home. Unfortunately I won't be able to hook it up for two weeks as I'm out of town. Hoping the new room works.
I don't fear anything other than running out of single malt scotch or spending another two weeks in the Betty Ford Clinic.
That's one of the reasons I have a simple two channel system, i.e. a good integrated amp and a single source. In another room, I have a multi-channel processor, multi-channel amp, DVD, etc. housed in a armoire cabinet. Man, what a headache that set-up is to move. I do agree that systems seem to require a "settle in" period after they've been moved before they sound right again. I can't explain, but believe its a very real phenomenon. I just moved by two channel set-up to re-paint the room. One tip is to tape the outline of your speaker positions on the floor. It saves a lot of time when you re-set the system.
It's time to get a life Foster.
The ski season in North America is almost over, and I pray to the Ski Gods to give me another season, 9 months from now, where perfect turns will protect me from a life/death defying vertical assault.
If speaker cable obsessions keep you amused 9 months from now, I submit it's time to find another hobby (and a life).
If dismataling your system causes you distress,it's time to start dealing in the real world.
Good Luck, Snofun
It is a chore, buy I am faced with that task some day when I can dedicate a whole day to it. I need to add a few castors to the cabinet and with a combo HT /2 channel system and heavy McIntosh amps. I just keep finding excuses not to do it. But it affords a freat opportunity to clean the connections and the componenst inside. I like to use canned air to blow dust out of everything when I get them out on the floor. Not a phobeia just lazy procastination.
I take mine apart for a good cleanup every six months or so...after slinging wires for 35 years, I can sling with the fear here.

I can't say I've never wound up with less than perfect results though...Hummmmmm, usually tracked down fairly fast though and corrected.

I have such a complex mix of 2ch and HT in one room__ Moving it?? Well root canal or taxes seem about equal.
Want to alleviate "some" of the fear ?

Clean the cable connections with a good contact cleaner.

The only thing I fear is being careful enough not to *scratch or nick* my components while connecting/disconnecting unyielding cables !!
I fear folks missing the point of posts and providing useless answers. That is not so fun.

Foster, if you wish to get the same exact performance, all must be put exactly as it was. Even slight differences can have a noticeable impact. Try to be precisely aware of how your system is set up so you can replicate it.
Foster 9-
Do you have to dismantle your system? Is there something you think needs to be addressed with its sound, maintenance, etc?