Do any of the CD lens cleaning discs work?

Just that, do any of the brush type discs ment to clean a cd player laser work? Thanks
Yes! I use mine once a month. I have two of the same type, one for my laptop and the other for my Sony ES SACD/CD player.

They are both about seven years old and still work fine, as far as I can tell.

Made by Maxell:
I never clean the lens. i clean the CDs. Every single time I insert a CD into a player (DVDs too) I brush them off with a large cosmetics brush. It removes and tiny bits of dirt, dust, hair on the discs.
Thus with no dirt dust hair entering the playerr with the discs, i never HAVE to chean off the lens.
Elizabeth's idea is fine if the player is built to keep ambient dust out. I use one in the car periodically, and it usually reduces the amount of mis-reads and skipping. Of course, the car is a very dusty environment.
My thinking is that a of lot environmental contaminants get on the lens (from cooking, smoking, etc.) as well as solid particles such as dust. The cleaning CDs probably remove some of these particles but I think it would take some kind of solvent to remove the film.
Yes it works for me.I clean the lens quite often with the Allsop and MoFi stylus cleaner #9 otherwise the sound gets compacted,less treble reach and soundfield.In winter with woodstove I do it almost every session.