Do any Audio Research tube amps run in class A?

I have an ARC VT100 mk II, which is a class AB amp. I am thinking ahead on my upgrade path, and I am toying with the idea of a pair of class A tube mono blocks.  As I began my research, I found it challenging to know the class of operation on the various audio research power amps. Does anyone know which of the audio research power amps run in class A (stereo or mono)?
To the best of my knowledge I believe that all ARC tube power amplifiers have always been class A/B  designs. 

 I also believe that all Audio Research tube amps are A/B. It would increase the number of tubes significantly to be class A at the same power output. I went from a VT100 mk3 to a Ref 110 and it was a big jump. I always felt that my VT100 lacked presence. I also had a V70 at the time. The VT100 was more detailed with a bigger sound stage. But the V70 had a way of making you feel the singer was in the room. The Ref 110 has the best qualities of both. Eventually I will upgrade to a Ref 150se but right now I am truly happy with my Ref 110. 

Short answer: no.
Thank you lost bears, that is helpful!  The ref110 is a relatively small jump in price as well.  It is on my radar!

 The Ref 110 has the tubes vertical and not horizontal. This means that you can use KT120 tubes in it. Which brings it a little closer to the Ref 150. It also has a reset able tube meter which tells you exactly how many hours are on the tubes.

 Mate the Ref 110 with an excellent preamp like the Ref 5se and the pair will be amazing!

There is a new technology out that greatly reduces or eliminates crossover distortion.  Benchmark has it now.  I expect we will see others license it in the future and A vs. AB may not be of importance then.