Do any amps have 6 ohm taps for 6 ohm impedance?

I'm a newbie, and I don't understand how impedance works. I've just bought a pair of Hyperion 938 speakers that the Hyperion website lists as having a 6 ohms impedance with 3.8 ohms minimum. I'm traveling right now, but I'm pretty sure my amp has 4 ohms taps and 8 ohms taps, maybe even 16 ohms. I'm planning on buying a new solid state amp to drive these speakers, but am I likely to find an amp with 6 ohms taps? Do they exist? And if I don't find one, can I drive these speakers using the 8 ohms taps?

Thanks any help anyone can offer. I know this is a truly ignorant question.

Only tube amps use "taps". Solid state amps do not. Any well built SS amp will work well with your speakers.
Actually McIntosh SS amps with Autoformers have 2, 4 or 8 ohm taps.
Okay, "most" solid state amps do not use taps.
Klein_rogge - I use same Hyperions with Rowland Model 102 (class D) amp with great results.
Try both and see what you like best.You will not hurt the speakers or amp with either hook up.
If you have a 6ohm speaker you need to use the 4ohm tap, If you only have an 8ohm tap on a tube amp, I think you will be running the tubes alot harder than they should and with increased distortion to boot. Most, not all, tube amps should have a 4ohm tap.
I have a Cayin tube that has a 6 tap.
In most cases, running the tap lower than your nomimal impdance will sound better than the tap that matches the nominal impedance, you just 20% of the power, but if it is enough power I think you and your tubes will be happier "light loading".
Actually you should not loose very much power at all, perhaps a few watts if using the 6 ohm tap. As mentioned earlier, try it and see what you like. I think you will find ts not that critical.
Thank you all for your responses. I'll use the 4 or 6 ohm (if it has them) taps on my ancient McIntosh amp until I buy a new solid state amp.

Kijanki, I was actually thinking about a Rowland 102, but I wasn't sure that the 100W would be enough power. I've never had an amp larger than 100W, and I was thinking that with the Hyperions I might buy a Plinius 9200 integrated. I've had separates up 'til now and would like to see if there's really much sound quality lost with an integrated. The Plinius also accepts MC cartridges and supposedly has a good phono stage, both of which are important to my phono-centric system.
Klein_rogge - 200W is only 22% louder than 100W. I drive Rowland with Benchmark DAC1 without preamp. You will find good class D bargains in Wyred4Sound. I don't know Plinus 9200 but it remember it had great reviews.
It is my understanding the taps are slightly lower impedance than marked by most manufacturers.

VTL and Manley set theirs at 5 or 5.5 ohms I believe.

It's all a matter of taste. Try both taps and see what you prefer. The 8 ohm tap usually sounds warmer.
McIntosh recommends the 4ohm taps for 6ohm speakers.
with the minimum being 3.8, I'd go with the 4ohm taps....
You have a 4ohm loudspeaker, min ohm loads is where you should rate impedance. Thus not a 6 ohm but at 3.8ohm a 4 ohm load.
I drive my Hyperion 938 with Sonic Frontier Power 2. I tried both the 4 ohm and 8 ohm tab, and the differences are not significant. I found 8 ohm is a little bit smoother at mid to high frequencies, but 4 ohm has better bass control. Since 4 ohm could extend the tube life, I use the 4 ohm tab.