Do Acoustic Zen Adagios still live up to the Hype

I have read all the rave reviews of these speakers. Most of them are a few years old. Are these speakers still considered one of the top speakers under $5k.

Mine are wonderful.
I think so too. I have replaced mine now, with a clearly better, but more expensive speaker, but I was very happy with the Adagios for 3 years. The new price was good, second hand, I think they are atonishingly good value.
I am mostly happy with mine. Mine are four months old. Sometimes they sound extremely good, they never sound less than very good, but rarely am I in sonic bliss. I am not getting the degree of imaging I used to get with my standmounted minimonitors-B+W Matrix 805s (which were hardly the last word in imaging themselves).
Not to hi-jack this thread, but fellow Adagio owners, please look at your speaker binding posts and tell me-please-if your binding posts are "mirrored" as is virtually standard on most speakers. Mine are not. My Adagios have matching serial numbers-000870A annd B and yet my positive post is on the right side of each speaker (as I look from the back as if attaching the speaker cable) and the negative is on the left. Again, every other modern speaker I have owned sold in matched sets have had "mirrored" posts such that the positive is on the inside of each speaker etc. I ask because I don't want my speakers to be out of phase with each other. Yes, I have an ancient Stereophile test disc somewhere, but even if I could find it I always found it very hard to use. I SUSPECT these speakers are not really "matched sets" in that the serial numbers are simply tacked on at the end of production and before shipping rather than being manufactured to match each other. My humble B+W 805s came with spec sheets showing that they were a matched pair with similar frequency response. For better or worse, I don't think any such matching takes place in San Diego where these are put together from Chinese parts by Mr. Lee.
i have mine for at least three years now, run them with 100wpc tube amp monoblocks, and really love the sound. if your not happy with these, its only because you are used to much more expensive speakers, or your equipment upstream is inadequate. the ribbon tweeter on these is very nice and non-fatiguing. the look and finish is beautiful. i got mine for 2k, delivered. at those prices, you just cannot go wrong.

Are you sure about mirrored binding posts?

I can't remember ever having a pair of speakers where binding posts were mirrored and I've been at this since 1972.

If you think about it, having mirrored binding posts would mean that you'd have to be very careful everytime you unhooked and moved your speakers to make sure that you reconnected them correctly.

My B+Ws have mirrored posts. I may very well be wrong as to what most speaker manufacturers do. I believe I am correct that most amp manufacturers (high end at least) mirror their posts. The big picture is that I want to make sure my Adagios are in phase with each other.
You can check the polarity of the woofers with a battery. Establish a connection between the + battery terminal and the + input on the speaker, and likewise between the - battery terminal and - input. Watch the woofer cones. They should snap forward for a normal-polarity connection. Repeat on the other speaker.

I don't use mirror-imaging of the input connectors on my speakers, and don't recall owning speakers that do, but there wouldn't be anything wrong with it.