Do 24 bit cdps play HDCD discs ???

Can anyone confirm that a 24 bit cdp (NAD C540) can effectively play HDCD's? As a neubie to digital technical issues I am looking for enlightenment. An Arcam 8SE player has HDCD capability with 20 bits but do cdps with more than 20 by default play HDCD's?
I dont belive the amont of bits has anything to o with HDCD.You need a HDCD chip in your unit.
Absolutely yes, but you'll not hear the beneficial difference of HDCD sound unless your CDP comes with a HDCD decoder.
I agree with the above two posts, ie the player must have an HDCD decoding chip, and this has nothing to do with 24/96 capability. Cheers. Craig.
The pacific microsoft pmc 100 chip is in the dac.Or in the dac section of a player.So if you're using coax out,the dac must have the chip.Same for 24/96.Burr Brown chip.In the dac.Each of these chips are an improvement.The B B chip being the much better of the two.I wouldn't worry about hdcd,it has slid into 2nd place--and by a wide margin.