Do 1M iCs sound better than .5M?

I once heard that the "standard" 1M interconnects sound better than .5M. Is there any truth to this? I really don't have the opportunity to compare different lenghts of the same wires and 1M are a bit inconvenient in my rack. .5M would be much neater. So - what do the experts think?
Chayro, any change in length that small would likely result in a slight measureable difference on an oscillosope, but it is doubtful you would ever hear it in an analog cable assuming all other parameters are identical. a digital cable is more sensitive to length as getting low jitter needs the right length (which is said to be .75 meters) is better than longer or shorter.

the exception for analog cables would be where there are impedence issues or output level issues with the gear. for instance when using passive preamps shorter interconnects (especially on the output side) are typically better sonically.

the particular cable design can also affect it's length sensitivity so it is difficult to generalize with 100% certainty.

my experience is that with RCA cables up to 2 meters sounds identical. with balanced (XLR) up to about 5 meters sounds identcal. again; the design of the gear can have an effect on this.

finally; .5 meter may create logisitical issues in the future; as it will restrict gear arraingment choices. also, it is much harder to sell .5 meter than 1 meter.
Have to agree it's only when runs (dep[ending on cable) need XLR to stop distortion (that why phone company used them before fibre optic era).But you'll here debate on it.I am a cable skeptic so a I have to hear differences.Rule of thumb is half meter will "sound better" but often times it means keeping the heat producing (or EFI distortion) from boards and especially power supplies being to close.If cost considerations enter into choice than the vcables probably cost too much.What for Me was interesting read where Mappleshade cables talked about keeping IC's short but keeping speaker cables long.Have enough cable length to give equipment room to breathe and reduce distoprtion in terms of spacing at minimum.But difference your talking about would be negligible.
I've owned the same cables in both .5m and 1m lengths. If there was a difference it was inaudible. I wouldn't worry about it unless the manufacturer discourages the .5m.