Do 180g vinyls sound better or is it a myth ?

After just recently getting into vinyl and buying a few albums I’m wanting to know opinions from like minded people. Does the weight of the vinyl make a difference to overall sound quality, and to add a bit more substance to the post, does it sound better than CD ?
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This subject was covered quite recently by "Inna" and questions answered effectively in this thread :

As an aside I recently took receipt of a new LP which was advertised as "80g" weight. I naturally assumed this was a misprint and it was the usual 180g.

When I opened it the package was so light that I commented to my wife that it felt like they'd forgotten to insert the disc(!)

It was of course a genuine 80g pressing, not 180g, but interestingly, if you blind-tested it, you would find it was as loud & dynamic as the loudest pressing you can think of in any heavier weight material. This confirms that there is uniformity to the depth of cut regardless of what weight vinyl is chosen. Ultimately, it is indeed the mastering & moulding process which defines the quality of the result.

It's just a ploy to get you to part with more of your hard earned cash.

The "label" tends to be a better indicator of the quality of a recording - not the thickness of the vinyl.

I've had  expensive150gm vinyl that had metal shards from the master embedded in the surface.

I've had 180 and 200 gram pressings more warped than my 35 year old standard thickness albums

Most of my standard Deutsche Grammaphon pressings outperform many of my 180 gm albums.

Sometimes the quality of the recording is superb, but the actual pressing is sub-par. But a poorly engineered recording is just plain BAD

Perhaps we should list all the good labels?

Here's a Couple
- Sheffield Labs
- Jeton
- Deutsche Grammaphon

Any More?....

Perhaps we should list all the good labels?

Here’s a Couple
- Sheffield Labs
- Jeton
- Deutsche Grammaphon
Any More?....


  • Concord
  • ECM
  • Geffen
  • A&M
  • EMI
  • Angel (EMI recordings pressed and distributed by Capitol)
  • Eratos
  • A fair amount of Atlantic
  • Warner/Reprise
  • Water Lily
  • Analogue Productions
  • Fantasy
  • Columbia--some great ones: Miles Davis Kind of Blue, Blood, Sweat & Tears self-titled, Bruno Walter & Columbia Orchestra
  • RCA Living Stereo shaded dog
  • Mercury Living Presence
  • Belock-period Everest 

Steve, most of my best sounding records were not new. A lot of the new and reissue vinyl purchases have been a bummer actually. Not all, but enough for me to really consider that temptation. 180 gram, remastered, blah, blah, bs IMO. Not to say there have not been some beautiful ones that make it worthwhile and keep me looking for the gems. Happy hunting.