DNM from England/Swiss - anybody know?

Has anybody ever heard of DNM from England/made in Switzerland? If so, is it any good? Is it considered superior to the Naim/Linn stuff?
I used to have a DNM 6A pre & Gem power, later pairing the 6A with modified EAR 519 monos. Also had a Linn pre. Never any Naim gear.
To my ears, DNM sounded DIFFERENT than the Linn. The DNM pre was very analytical and clear; it also suffered heavily (& annoyingly) from RF. As to superior... for me, yes -- but that's clearly subjective.

What kind of music, partnering equip is involved? Also, which DNM / Linn / Naim product(s) are you considering?

More info would help. Regards.
I used a DNM pre amp. I found the phono stage to be excellant while the line stage didn't compete with my passive audio synthesis passion.