DNM Cables?

I have a set of interconnects and a single run wires from DNM. The speaker wire is ran into the VR'2s speaker single run with a stock silver jumper. I contact VR's company about speaker wire setup and they recommended that the speaker should be ran biwire or shotgun. Has anyone had any experience with the DNM line running bi wire setup? If so, whats your take. I put these cables up for sale on ebay but now I am having regrets and I may pull the plug and give them a try in a bi wire setup.

Since the DNM line is a low price cable I was mislead to think that they are inferior, however, I do believe I misjudge them.
You do misjudge them.
I have a biwire pair and two pair of single runs. One of the best VFM in Audio.
Thin is In :)
These are overachieving cables...and I have run them shotgun before and didnt notice a difference on my setup. I dont have VR2...so I guess I would consider trying biwire or shotgun since the manufacter has recommended it to you.
DNM cable is underpriced, overachieving, and far better than many, many more expensive cables. I've used them in a biwire situation and they work fine. You can even have biwire DNM cables made!
Contrarian note. I liked them at first, ultimately cannabalized their Bullet Plugs for use on some Oyaide PA-02. Now THERE'S an overachieving cable (costs less than the DNM to boot). YMMV, as the saying goes. Dave