DNA 500, MC 501s or JC-1$3-$5k on an ex-demo amp

Hello, starting to budget and save for the next upgrade to my system. I have a large listening room with sloping high ceiling, and my current system consists of :

source: Esoteric DV-50s
integrated amp: Perreaux Radiance 200i[200/350 wPC @8/4ohm]
Spesakers: Paradigm Reference 100 v3
Accessories: PS Audio 1000,& statement plus/xstream PC's
Audioquest Cheetah I/Cs,
AQ Pike's Peak/Mont Blanc DBW to speakers,

(No intention of owning phono equipment)

The next upgrade is to a 350-600 WPC @ 8ohm amp - I like to listen loud ! (and I have the space to do it !) and purely based on reviews and budget, my curent shortlist is
the Parasound JC-1,
McCormack DNA 500 [ex demo ~ $4300]
and McIntosh 501 or 602 [ex demo etc]

My primary or overriding interest is 2 channel CD/SACD/DVD-A music; Most of my music is Jazz/Classical, plus a smattering of top 40.

It's tempting to look at an Anthem Statement multichannel amp, but my pre-notion is that for a similar $$ outlay I'll get a far better performing 2-channel amp.

I'll fill out the remaining the 3.1 channels with perhaps an Anthem MC-30 or similar at a later date. Or perhaps I'll keep my Perreaux Radiance [see below]

In terms of pre-amp, I'm very reluctant to sell my Radiance 200i - it really is superb - but may sell it to contribute funds towards my new amp and perhaps replace it with a Marsh 2000 balanced, or might be tempted to look at good 2nd hand Audio Research etc.

Would appreciate and welcome recommendations/comments on my amp shortlist, including additions to the list. I have to be pretty rigid on my $3000- $4500 budget. If I go dual mono I don't mind the extra outlay for I/C and PC.

Audioadvisor regularlly sell b-stock JC-1s for about $4k/pair incl shipping and full warranty - I live 10 minutes from Parasound's HQ, and a USA tech-checked 'B-stock' I expect is actually a safer [and better resale/ less loss] bet than an 'a-stock !'

Because dealers won't let me home audition any of the above [except Audioadvisor] I'm inclined to start with the JC-1s..

Thanking you for your learned advice !
All 3 excellent choices, monoblocks are the way to go IMO for utlimate seperation and power. I have a Mc 501 so I'll advise on that only, read the reviews they are fairly right on, plus the mc sounds good right out of the box. I have about 150 hours on mine with no noticeable change.
The JC-1 take like 1400 hours to break in so don't get in a hurry to judge it.
boy would i like to live 10 minutes from the factory[repairs?] of 4000.00 amps,esp. of this quality.
How big is your listening room? I agree with you, the Perreaux Radiance R200i is a great piece. I've had mine for a bit more than a year and I'm extremely happy with it, and I don't plan on letting it go for a long time. Just for reference, my system also includes a Simaudio Moon Nova LE CD Player and Polk Audio LSi15 speakers(a REAL steal at $1500). Anyway if I were looking to upgrade(and of course this is just me) I'd probably look at my speakers first. I'd like to try a pair of Amphion Xenon or Gershman Acoustics Avant Garde RX20 speakers. If I had the funds, I'd check the Paradigm Signature S8 speakers out. Right now the next upgrade for me will probably be power conditioning. I'd like to establish a dedicated line, and maybe later down the road get a Shunyata Research Hydra 8. Anyway I could understand you having a tough time letting the Perreaux go.

By the way, unless your listening room is of really huge proportions, I don't think you'll be running out of power with the Perreaux's 200wpc. So if you're about to try different amps, I think it would be mostly about looking for a different sound, more than just about raw power.

Having said all that, the Parasound amps are very very impressive. I'd owe them if I could, and if I had speakers to make them justice. They perform like REALLY REALLY expensive amps(not that they are cheap, but you get my point). Not much more I can add to that...But again, if you're going to have those amps, you probably want speakers that can make them some justice...The Paradigms Studio 100 are really good, but something like the S8s would be more revealing. For my tastes think something like Dynaudio C2s would make an awesome pairing with those amps(but of course I can't afford either...). :-) Anyway, good luck with your search, it definitely is a fun ride checking out good audio gear.
I own the older Paradigm Reference Studio 100 version 2's, and they match up EXTREMELY WELL with my Parasound Halo JC-1 monoblocks.