DNA 125 or 1 dlx for 3A sig's

Hi all, I am considering purchasing a pair of Vandersteen 3A signature speakers and am conflicted about which amp to use. Will the new McCormack DNA 125 be satisfactory? Or should I go with the extra wattage, in which case I would have to buy a used DNA 1 deluxe model. I also need suggestions on a pre amp. Would I be better off with a TLC-1 or an Audio Research LS-3?
Hi. Regarding the preamp, I think the LS3 would be a better match with the 3A Sigs. Perhaps the TLC-1 might push you too far to the softer side, as the Sig. 3's are very easy to listen to. The LS3 has great detail(I have owned one), something that perhaps the Sigs. could use. I would not use the Deluxe amp, the 125 reflects S. McCormack's latest designs.I would go with the 125, which is a very good amp, a better match for the Sigs. It might be best to listen to both preamps, and then decide. Try to take a couple of weeks with each preamp, and try not to change wires, cables, ec. while auditioning. Regards, Bill M.
Hi Lmio; I own the Vandersteen 3Asigs., and presently drive them with a McCormack DNA-2DX. However, I also have a McCormack DNA.5 that I have used short term with the 3As. As I understand it, the new McCormack DNA 125/225 incorporate much of the up-grade technology that Steve McCormack uses for his older DNA amps, and I plan on having my .5 upgraded soon. I also used the DNA-1DX for 3 years before up=grading to the 2DX. All of the McCormack amps work great with the 3Asigs. In fact, it seems like a match made in heaven, and McCormack and Vandersteen used to exhibit together-- no accident in my opinion. They are all a sweet, detailed, laid back, forgiving combination-- very musical. The .5 amp has quicker, tighter bass, and a slightly warm inviting mid-range. The 2DX is the most live, open, detailed amp, but still has the sweet McCormack character. I personally think you would be very happy with any McCormack/Vandersteen combination, (I also owned the 2Ces long term and used them with McCormack amps). An excellent pre-amp with the McCormack/Vandersteen combination is the Sonic Frontiers Line 1 or Line 2. They are very smooth, detailed, and neutral. I use them both in two different systems. The McCormack/Vandersteen combination leans (somewhat) toward a warm, forgiving balance, and I think the SF pre-amps bring the whole system toward neutral, engaging, musical. I use Synergistic Research ICs and cables, and am totally pleased with the whole system. If you want etched or analytical look elsewhere. If you want euphonic or "romantic" warmth and softness look at both tube amps and pre-amps (but not Sonic Frontiers-- their new line of amps and pre-amps tend toward very neutral). But if you want musical, consider the components noted. Re: power, the DNA.5 has plenty of power for the 3As, and therefore the new DNA-125 does also. In fact, as noted above, the .5 has tighter, more authorative bass than the 300 wpc DNA-2DX. But, the .5 does not have a mid-bass hump. Vandersteen 3As will only play to 97 dB, and a 125 wpc amp will easily drive them to that. Vand. does state that the amp should be stable into a 4 ohm load-- the DNA-125 would easily meet this requirement. Go for "musical". Happy listening.